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Sam Vlogs about Lunafly Memories; or, Lunafly is Now a One-Man Band

"Korea Seoul Vlog #8: Lunafly Memories

I've been thinking alot about the last couple of years and thought I would take you guys through some good Lunafly memories.
I must admit I did shed one tear whilst doing this...."

Some of the things he talked about:
- Stories behind each song/MV
- Performing in various countries
- Talking about Teo's departure for the first time. Not much details but there was clearly some conflict there
- The nugu struggle in Korea
- Sam confirms that Lunafly now basically consists of only himself.

Source: The Sam Carter Channel

[OP thoughts]This was posted in July but OP just found out now. He didn't talk much about Yun, but the change from 4 members to 2 and now 1 seemed to me more amicable compared to how he described the way Teo left? At least that's what I'm guessing (and hoping) from reading between the lines and considering their latest timeline:
2016 December - Lunafly's Makestar single "너답지 않게" as a duo with MV
2017 February - Yun's first solo single, promoted in Lunafly's official channels, no MV
March - Yun appears on Sam's radio show, they sing Super Hero (just realized this was possibly the last Lunafly performance with the two of them...)
April - Lunafly's single "Dreaming bout you" consisting of only Sam, no MV

Sam still does his Arirang radio show and now has this YouTube channel. I'm not sure what Yun is up to now, his Instagram was last updated in June. If not solo music or studies/new career then possibly enlistment?

Will the remaining Lukies in Omona come over and have a group hug with me :(
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