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Happy October 1st, here's a halloween playlist!

i'm a very seasonal music listener, so i thought a kpop halloween list would be fun! so here's 10 kpop songs and music videos to get you ready for halloween!

[V - Lee Jung Hyun]
I stand by my opinion that this is one of the best kpop releases of the past couple years. I was OBSESSED with this song when it came out. Not only is it a fun song, but the music video has that Lee Jung Hyun touch of weirdness. Simply put, if you don't like this song I don't think we can be friends.

[It Hurts - 2NE1]

This is probably one of my favorite 2NE1 songs. To me its just a great autumn/fall song in general. The music video is fantastic. Not only was it actually released on Halloween, but it also has a great "witchy" vibe to it.

[Midnight Circus - SunnyHill]

I actually hated this song the first time I heard it. Then I saw the light. The accordion and horn section make this song great. The fun MV is just a giant plus!

[Hate You - Ladies' Code]

This song is so good!! Sojung sounds amazing. The music video is just as amazing. The first time I watched it I questioned the severed doll parts and giant....barbie limb? cake. But now I love it.

[Married to the Music - Shinee]

If I'm being honest, I'm not a huge Shinee fan. But man do I love this song and video. I remember laughing so hard when Key got his head chopped off and it started floating around. Focusing more on the song, the bass is fantastic! The song in general always puts me in good mood though!

[Good Night - Dreamcatcher]

If you thought you would get through this post without hearing Dreamcatcher you are sadly mistaken. Realistically, I could include everyone of their releases but for the sake of variety I won't. This music video in particular is fun. Trapping a dude in another dimension via a mirror? Classic.

[TT - Twice]

Trick or Treaters? Ghosts? Costumes? A giant Jack o' Lantern? Yep, its a new Halloween classic. Take your TT slander somewhere else.

[Manyo Maash - Puer Kim]

I love this music video. Puer Kim looks amazing. The creepy mannequins are a nice touch as well.

[Thriller - BTOB]

Still my favorite BTOB song! The part in the music video where their eyes are shining is really cool.

sources: CJENNMUSIC OFFICIAL, 2NE1, 1theK, Ladies' Code, SMTOWN, Happyface Entertainment, jypentertainment, BTOB
Tags: 2ne1, btob, dreamcatcher, lee jung-hyun, shinee, twice

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