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The Return of Superman Jion update

Since the show is on a bit of hiatus while the strike goes on, I thought I would post a short update on one of the former kids. Uhm Jion is the daughter of ballerina Yoon Hye Jin and actor Uhm Tae Woong, which makes her the niece of legendary KPop diva Uhm Jung Hwa. She was on the show for 44 episodes in 2015.

I would post some of her clips on the show, but unfortunately the KBS YouTube doesn’t have a lot of her clips (they started doing most of the short clips after she left the show). Or they were taken down. But I swear I saw clips of her episode of her with Uhm Jung Hwa before. The parts where they were singing and dancing together. Also, with what happened with her father, it felt weird since all of the clips are of them together. But this is about lovely Jion! When we first met her, the family were moving into their new home and Jion was barely starting to speak. She’s grown a lot in 2 years.

She has also kept in touch with Sarang and the triplets.

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