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Teasers for "Go Back Spouses"

Based on a webtoon called Let’s Do It One More Time, this new comedy drama is centered around a same-age married couple that fights all day—so much, in fact, that they’ve already visited the courtroom for a divorce. Jang Nara and Sohn Ho-joon star as the titular couple who go back in time to their twenties when they first fell in love. They still have memories of hardship from their 18 years of marriage, but in their twenty-year-old bodies and surrounded by optimistic friends, unexplored prospects and opportunities, will these two make the same choice to fall in love with each other again?

The supporting cast includes Heo Jung-min and Han Bo-reum, who play the “direct couple,” who’re complete opposites. His character is narrow-minded, while she is every girl’s free-spirited female crush. She’s a part of the Beauty Trio, a tight-knit group of friends who are known to be the prettiest girls on campus; the two are shown in the group poster with her gripping his head in a headlock on the left. Jo Hye-jung plays a outwardly cold introverted girl, who is deemed the “visual” of the Beauty Trio and most sought after by the boys. Lee Yi-kyung will be a fun-loving college student, and rival love interests Jang Ki-yong and Go Bo-kyul are aloof and sophisticated.

Go Back Spouses premieres Friday, October 13.

Sources: HALLYU WORLD OFFICIAL | @kdrama_news | @KoreanUpdates | Dramabeans/iMBC | KBSdrama

With 9 dramas premiering next week, be prepared for an influx of drama preview posts. Lee Yi Kyung's long hair in the poster is cracking me up.
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