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heechul yoon, youtuber HEECHULISM, interviews 3 trans korean youtubers

I've been trying to find more relevant links but most of them are super dated, including the ones as follows. You can check out the trans rights stub on wikipedia or listen to a NPR podcast (dated-2012) with Andy Marra.

  • Heechul's SNS: youtube channel | instagram. Heechul's channel is mostly interview-oriented, all subbed, and there's a few older vids on the Korean LGBT+ community!
  • Pani's SNS: youtube channel | instagram. She's a lifestyle blogger and posts frequent ASMR videos. Mimi's featured in some of Pani's videos, and vice versa.
  • Youngshim's SNS: youtube channel | instagram. Youngshim's social media is under the moniker Xcully Youngshim; according to her about, her content is mostly horror / mystery / crime-focused or beauty-and-fashion videos.
  • Mimi's SNS: youtube channel. Mimi posts primarily mukbangs, usually under 30 mins long.

Tags: interview, lgbt / rights

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