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Teasers for "Witch's Court"

Jung Ryeo-won plays a rising star prosecutor whose career has been quickly going up, despite the fact that the prosecution department itself is a deeply conservative organization (aka patriarchal and sexist). She’s known for being an authoritarian “witch,” with a Machiavellian philosophy when it comes to solving cases. She doesn’t care about the methods, be they legal or illegal, as long as they get results.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hyun-min’s character did a career switch in life, choosing law over medicine. He used to be a practicing psychologist, but he went back to law school where he stayed at the top of his class for the entirety of the three years. And now, he’s a rookie prosecutor with a strong passion for justice.

Somehow, both Yoon Hyun-min and Jung Ryeo-won end up on the child rape investigations task force, where they join together to solve violent pedophilia cases.

According to the plot synopsis, everything began twenty years ago, and in the teaser, someone calls in to make a report. We come to the present, where decorated officer-turned-politician Jeon Gwang-ryul asks whether they found the girl, and in the elevator, Jung Ryeo-won’s mother Lee Il-hwa’s eyes grow wide. A girl puts up posters, while promising herself that if her mother really ran away, she’d become a success so that her mother would have to return.

The scene changes to seven-year senior prosecutor Jung Ryeo-won as she presents case details in front of a group of reporters. She meets Yoon Hyun-min for the first time in an elevator, where she mutters under her breath that he’s a pervert. Their next meetings are similarly not so pleasant: He accuses her of witnessing a sexual assault, which she denies, and he claims to have the evidence.

In another ill-fated coincidence, they meet at a local real estate office. Yoon Hyun-min already seems to have an in with the realtor, while Jung Ryeo-won rolls her eyes until she hears the exorbitant price of housing. She slams him into a wall, and by the end of the teaser, he tries to start over on good footing with her, but she leaves him, hand left unshaken, telling him that she hopes she never sees him again.
Jeon Gwang-ryul’s character seems to be pure evil—he’s supposed to be a reputable man who was originally an investigator in national security and became the acting director of a law firm, but his past contains many dirty secrets. They’ve all been buried by Kim Min-seo’s character, who is the brain of the law firm and helps Jeon Gwang-ryul preserve his pristine political image. Meanwhile, Kim Yeo-jin plays the head of the female pedophilia investigations department, an icon of justice and morality.

Witch's Court premieres Monday, October 9 on KBS.

Sources: KOCOWA TV | Dramabeans/iMBC 1 2 | KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS) | Dramabeans/DongA Sports | @kdrama_news 1 2

This looks to be a really intense drama, so please make sure you go into this knowing what it's about if you want to watch it.
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