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Dispatch release pictures of The Unit auditions + news

Today: Dispatch recently released a bunch of pictures they took at the auditions for The Unit. There are tons more at the source, mostly the mentors. In addition, more idols that joined the show got announced.

Group "X" member who failed to pass auditions:
"I have failed the audition. But I haven't failed in life. With the mentor's encouragement, I have the courage to start (idol life) again. I'm thankful the mentors had a word of praise for me, to the point of tears"

Group "Y" member who passed auditions:
"I feel more envious instead of the trainees. No matter how many albums (released) I didn't have the chance to stand (on stage?). That's the life of a nameless idol. Now a chance has come again. I have hope."

DIA's Somyi and Yebin's dream is to be included in the final 9 female members. They hope to use their experience on the show + group to help make DIA closer to a 100/100 group, since they think they aren't at that level yet.

Nugus that will appear on the show:

  • Former GP Basic member Janey

  • Badkiz members K.Me and Somin

  • S2

  • Apple.B members Yuji, Sandy, Haeun

  • Soya

  • C.I.V.A member Lee Soomin

sources: oh_mes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, naver 1, 2
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