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Age of Youth 2 Ep 11-12 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Set one year after season 1 of "Age of Youth." Jin-Myung successfully found a job after she returned from China. Ye-Eun took a year off from school due to the aftereffects of her abusive ex-boyfriend. She is now returning to her university. Ji-Won has yet to find a boyfriend. Eun-Jae broke up with her first love and she is in emotional pain. The girls have a new housemate Jo Eun at their sharehouse. She stays in the room previously occupied by Yi-Na.
Cast: Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, Ji Woo, Choi A Ra, Kim Min Seok, Ahn Woo Yeon, Son Seung Won, Shin Hyun Soo
Director: Lee Tae-Gon
Writer: Park Yeon-Sun
Network: JTBC
Release Date: August 25, 2017 --
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00

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A pair of great episodes. I'm sad this will be over soon.
hpn88 6th-Oct-2017 04:17 am (UTC)
Nooooo don't end.

I hope this is the end of moping eun jae. In retrospect, I'm happy the writer made her as annoying as she was, only because we are all actually that annoying when attempting to get over a long-term relationship. It was pretty realistic tbh.

I'm not happy with the quick way Ye-eun got right over her eating disorder by watching Mom eat. I mean...
I hope they show that she is still going to her psychiatrist and decides to talk about her eating disorder with them.

Also can Chef make a for real cameo and be in the same frame as Yoon sunbae?

Janghoon + Eun = a roomful of puppies and kitten

And last but not least, SUNGMIN - come on boy. DO SOMETHING. Unless it was implied that Song told the girls about Hyojin after the hostage situation night, you are clearly the only person who knows anything about anything which means she trusts you the most out of anyone. You are the 1st person she sought out afterward. If these 2 don't get together, there better be a season 3.

(actually, I'll take season 3 either way)
keytfelt 6th-Oct-2017 04:22 am (UTC)
Hot Chef is coming!

torontok 6th-Oct-2017 04:18 am (UTC)
EP 11 was so hard to watch, the double whammy of the hostage situation and the Eunjae-Jongyeol breakup was hard to watch.

I finally realise what the writers were trying to do with Eunjae's storyline. Even if you look at season1 it was clear that she and Jongyeol wouldn't make it for the long haul, they were too different in terms of personality and now we have Eunjae experiencing heartbreak for the first time.I wish the season had shown how their relationship changed instead of starting with a breakup, several episodes of annoying will-he-take-me-back and then this confrontation scene.

I loved seeing an episode entirely through Yoon sunbae's eyes, she really is the mom of the group lol. So happy to see Eun and Janghoon finally be honest together (listen I nearly launched my laptop across the room at that kiss preview).

I love the little inside jokes about Eunjae's changed actress this season.the didn't she used to sing well from the karaoke and now mom saying she got work done lol.

Glad we're approaching closure for the Hyojin storyline.
musicnkisses 6th-Oct-2017 04:30 am (UTC)
I don't think the Eunjae storyline was really effective just because we don't know how they broke up. I think showing them drifting apart would have worked more than her constant attempts to win him back.
musicnkisses 6th-Oct-2017 04:21 am (UTC)
I only saw ep 12 since I read the Dramabeans recap. The episode was kinda slow. I'm happy that we got Yeeun/Ho-Chang and Eun/Jang-hoon tho.I'm also happy that Heimdal has a feasible plan lined up for himself (although it looks like his group is on some show next episode. The Unit maybe 👀). Woooo, did Eunjae make a fool outta herself in ep 11! I'm glad it ended that way tho, I'm tired of seeing perfect relationships in kdramas.

I hate Yeji so much. Eun was wrong to lie to her, but Yeji went and found some other girl to cling to? She was wild manipulative in how she wanted Eun to only rely on her. What a shitty person. I hope she doesn't show up in these next two episodes.

Wow, I'm assuming Jiwon will exact revenge on the teacher who molested Hyojin? She should ask Eunjae for pointers on how to kill somebody.
keytfelt 6th-Oct-2017 06:57 am (UTC)
lmao at Eun Jae's murderous past. They completely dropped that and instead replaced her with a different character without bothering to change her name and I'm still bitter. I hope Ji Won can take that teacher down.

I'm glad someone else shares my hatred towards Yeji, she's been annoying since day 1 and just got worse when it became clear how needy and selfish she was about her relationship with Eun.
meishan94 6th-Oct-2017 06:28 am (UTC)
Anybody else feel like this season is lacking of something? I feel like it is not on par with season one and Eun's relationship with them is not as strong as Yina's.
That aside, i find it hilarious that they keep on making humour about eunjae's change of appearance. And when did Yeeeun and Hochang started dating? Love that Jin myung is the mom of the whole group. I'm actually looking forward to jiwon's story line and her relationship progression with sungmin. Love this couple.

Definitely need a season 3 for sure.
keytfelt 6th-Oct-2017 06:52 am (UTC)
I feel like I could write novel length comments on this show. Ep 11 was intense. I hate that these girls were put into a situation like that yet again, but I'm happy they were looking out for each other and trying to protect each other. Han Ye Ri and Park Eun Bin in particular were fantastic in that scene. Ye Eun tasering the guy made me cheer (even though them turning their backs to him afterwards and not tying him up was stupid as hell). I can't ever imagine a situation like that when I wouldn't immediately call the cops but oh well. I really liked the passage of time where their bruises faded but Ji Won was also fading :( I just want her to get back to her upbeat wacky self and I hope that she'll be able to process and move on from what ever happened. Obviously the person Hyo Jin was asking her bf to kill was the teacher, right? He just assumed it was Ji Won?

Eun Jae's story made me want to die, it was so awful. I'm glad we're over that now and she won't be awkwardly throwing herself on him anymore. I just felt so much pity and embarrassment for her. I just kept thinking of that Sassy Gay Friend video "Desperate. Desperate. I am really desperate." I hate that my s1 OTP ended up like this (and that the awful storyline dragged out as long as it did) but I'm glad we finally got a definite end to it. I just hope she doesn't mope around for the next 2 eps.

Eun and Jang Hoon are adorable, when she told him she missed him I was freaking out, good for her! Their interactions are cute, I love it. I'm also glad she had that moment with her little sister. Obviously there's a lot of anger and sadness and resentment with her dad, but I think she could have a good relationship with her sister.

I liked that ep 12 was just Jin Myung observing. She was trying so hard to make everyone feel better and I was annoyed everyone was so emo going into it (even the boys? Minus Ho Chang and his adorable enthusiasm, of course). Jin Myung is so great and cares so much about everyone. I loved Hot Chef constantly texting her (and I'm SO READY for their in person reunion in the next eps) and how she just tries so hard to make everyone happier. Her putting together the Jang Hoon + Eun stuff made me laugh. I just love Jin Myung's motherly side and this was a great episode for her.

Jang Hoon and Heimdal have suddenly become my favorite pairing. Taking off their shirts to compare, carrying too many boxes, showing off. It was all hilarious and I'm glad Heimdal is now a part of their little family.

Sungmin showing up at the very end when they were all gone was bullshit. We were denied him interacting with everyone else and I'm so mad. Again, if they don't get together at the end I will riot. He at least needs to tell her his feelings. And then we get a season 3.
lechuza_yoya 6th-Oct-2017 08:52 pm (UTC)
IA about Sungmin I want to see him interacting with the others too!!
burningleaf 6th-Oct-2017 07:04 am (UTC)
Since this is nearly ending, i just wanna know-- exactly how distracting is new!eun jae? I havent started simply bc of her.
musicnkisses 6th-Oct-2017 12:16 pm (UTC)
I still can't get over the change cuz Ji Woo and Park Hye Soo look nothing alike + Ji Woo's hair bothers me. But, I think it'll be fine cuz she has a lot of Eunjae's mannerisms down. I wasn't a fan of her storyline this season tho. I'd still watch it for the other girls.
broadcities 6th-Oct-2017 03:25 pm (UTC)
the last two episodes have been so good, i'm kind of sad the show is ending so soon already. any word of its reception in korea/the possibility of a season 3? i really don't want to part with these girls. this really is such a unique drama with great characters, story lines and character development.

all my faves are getting together now.. except for jiwon and sungmin. waiting anxiously but even more for jiwon to avenge hyojin.
sammj23 6th-Oct-2017 03:56 pm (UTC)
Loved these pair of episodes especially episode 11 which was really intense from the confrontation/assault from Hyo-jin's ex-boyfriend or whatever he was to her to Eun-Jae's scene with Jong-Yeol. I didn't even feel any awkwardness with Eun-Jae's scene because it was just honest and necessary. I've also been enjoying Eun's family storyline and the hospital scene was really good. I'm also really glad the writer brought Ye-Eun's issues with food again and while I don't think she's cured she'll hopefully start to re-think the way she relates to food after seeing Eun-Jae's mum.

I've been enjoying the 2nd season a lot. It can be hard to maintain characterization and relationships as well as adding new characters and story lines even with the same writer but she's done such a great job. She was the reason I watched the first season in the first place having watched White Christmas. Good writers especially drama writers are hard to find and she's one of the few talented ones in South Korea's tv drama landscape.

The show also seems to have gotten a popularity boost in S.Korea being one of the most talked about shows and the ratings are pretty good too. I'm just glad that more people(specifically more women) are watching a well written female centric show whose main focus is only on the women with the men in their lives serving mostly as insight into how they feel and also their actions. However, having had the misfortune of reading some comments here, dramabeans, and the soompi forum for this show it appears that some people have confused this show for a romantic-comedy and not a slice-of-life drama that focuses on young women and their lives.

Anyway, apparently some people don't understand that this is not the Ji-won/Sung-min show. Stop fucking moaning about them not getting or being together. Romance is a part of the show but not the central plot. The writer is not obligated to make your preferred romantic pairing come true. It's her show and she can write what she wants and you can give valid critics as to characters and plots but not a romantic pairing not getting together, that's your personal fucking preference. For once we get a good female-centric show but once again it's ruined by people who only care about a woman and a side male character getting together.

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hozrien 6th-Oct-2017 04:31 pm (UTC)
I've ended up really liking the new girl Jo Eun and ended up with a small crush on her. I am glad for character development and episode 11 had me going on the edge of my seat thinking someone was gonna pop out to help (like Seo Jang Hoon)

Jo Eun and Seo Jang Hoon are awkwardly cute together and I love it.
mewaqua1 6th-Oct-2017 07:08 pm (UTC)
it took some time but i'm finally up to date with AOY, after the first 2 eps i took some time off drama watching bc uni but now i'm 100% back in it and gosh i love this show so much once again <3

this weeks episodes were definitely emotionally one of the best, finally things came together but im sad/bitter the girls had to experience such a horrible thing again, like can men pls stop it.....but i know it was for the story/friendship and for the epic emotional reveal and gosh i even got emotional during ep 11

ep 12 was luckily a tad happier even though everyone was sad/depressed at the beginning, i like how jinmyung was just watching and paying attention to everyone! even tho i love how the show is female centered, i do love how most couples seem happy now :D if jiwon/sungmin would happen too, i will be the happiest for sure haha even tho AOY S2 is already amazing

this season jiwon defininitly became my fave along with yeeun ^v^ too bad we are going to have to say goodbye to show next week :( i hope that bc of the good rates and popularity in kr, this show might inspire more female centered slice-of-life kdrama's to be made u.u
lechuza_yoya 6th-Oct-2017 09:00 pm (UTC)
I dont like Eun Jae mom, her little remarks are not necessary

Hyo jin write the letter for ji won? she was mad bc she tell. or bc she saw her and remember? or want to go to visit her and just wrote the address. she and the ballerina are gonna be always a mystery for me.
klauses 6th-Oct-2017 10:25 pm (UTC)
Janghoon's and Heimdal's competitive bro friendship is so hilarious to me lmao, they're the only male characters I care about so I love their scenes together.

So the art teacher really DID molest Hyojin??? Why did Hyojin direct her anger at Jiwon instead of the teacher if he's still alive?

I'm still not happy about Eunjae only obsessing over her ex the whole season but WOW that final scene episode 11 managed to make me cry. When she suggested the motel I was like "GIRL DON'T!" hopefully she'll get over him in the last 2 eps.
shuumi_miss 10th-Oct-2017 12:41 am (UTC)
So the art teacher really DID molest Hyojin??? Why did Hyojin direct her anger at Jiwon instead of the teacher if he's still alive

I have two theories:

1) If I recall correctly, the implied before that Jiwon started telling "lies" after summer break or something like that, which leads me to think that she saw the teacher asulting or molesting Hyojin and bassically told people about what she saw in some strange way or something. The result was that nobody believed her because the teacher was a "good/popular" one and that ruined Hyojin "image" in the school and that led to Hyojin being bullied.

2) The principal of her school said that Jiwon changed drastically in term of personality and the fact that she fainted when that guy was taking her to a motel to have sex, makes me think that she was obviously traumatized by what happened and didn't help Hyojin in someway. Maybe not remembering the event and therefore not helping Hyojin with her story. But the event marked her anyway because it changed her personality and she started to tell "lies" as a defence mechanism.

Or maybe it is a combination of both.
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