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Get to know Great Guys on Pops In Seoul!

Great Guys are a nine-member boy group from DNA Entertainment, who debuted on August 24th with 'Last Men'.

Jae I is the group's oldest and leader, who shows off his dance freestyle skills to Momoland's 'Freeze' and talks about entering dance battle competitions in middle school.

Horyeong played the trombone in his school's orchestra, and dances to an Orange Caramel song because he wants to get rid of his intimidating image from the 'Last Men' music video.

Haneul is the 'Nice Guy' of Great Guys (this is A Thing, not just him spending too much time on reddit: they all have different 'x Guy' roles in the group), had perfect attendance throughout school, and enjoys doing physical impressions.

Daun is the 'Lucky Guy' who shows off his singing talents by singing a ballad and by singing Twice's TT as if it were a sorrowful ballad.

'Pretty Guy' Dongwhi is a guitarist. He sings Daybreak/SunnyHill's 'Love Actually' and IU's three level high notes, as well as a special song he wrote for this interview.

'Tough Guy' Dongin is the rapper and originally from Busan who still speaks in dialect because he struggles so much with 'standard Korean'. He demonstrates his popping skills.

'Energetic Guy' Hwal Chan is eternally second place and attempts to act cute.

'Loyal Guy' Uiyeon is very tall, and he believes he's the tallest of all the current debuted idols at 192cm. He shows off a model walk and a rap.

Baek Gyeol is the maknae but also the one with the longest training period at DNA Entertainment - he grew 4cm after signing with them due to his young age. He does singing impressions.

source: ARIRANG K-POP (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
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