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Drama News Round Up - Week of Drama Premieres

Next week marks the start of nine new dramas.
On Monday, October 9, three dramas will be premiering. On MBC, 20th Century Boy and Girl (1 2 3), on KBS, Witch's Court (1) and on tvN, This Life is Our First (1, 2, 3).

Wednesday, October 11 has two premieres: Mad Dog on KBS (1, 2) and Buamdong Revenge Social Club on tvN (1).

Friday, October 13 marks the start of Go Back Spouses (1) on KBS and The Package on JTBC (1).

Wrapping up our week of premieres on Saturday, October 14 is Black on OCN (1) and Revolutionary Love (1) on tvN.

The numbers after the drama titles are links to previous posts with teasers/drama info. I will be making a few more posts this upcoming week for dramas premiering later in the week.  There's not much news to cover this week, mostly just a few casting news stories.

[Shin Se Kyung and Kim Rae Won confirmed for KBS drama]Right on the heels of Bride of the Water God 2017, Shin Se-kyung is jumping into another supernatural romance drama. Kim Rae-won has also officially confirmed, it’ll be his first foray into the genre.

Black Knight is about an innocent and pure man who takes on a dangerous fate for the woman he loves. Kim Rae-won will be playing the main character, who is a young successful businessman. He had a rough childhood, so he reached emotional and physical maturity at a young age. Despite being a pure romantic, he is scarily impassive at times, though he can also be gentlemanly and humorous. He went to high school in the United States, majored in physics, and graduated medical school before becoming an entrepreneur.

Shin Se-kyung will play a travel agent who works in the hotel reservations department but has never actually traveled abroad. She supports her maternal spinster aunt, but they’re extremely poor. In order to survive, she’s adopted a cheerful and optimistic attitude, but she feels a lonely weariness inside. I’m not quite sure where the supernatural aspect comes in, but earlier reports stated that their love story would span centuries.

KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Black Knight is set to premiere in December.

[Lee Young Ae confirms espionage melodrama]Actress Lee Young Ae is set to make her return to the TV screen with a espionage melodrama “Lee Mong”.

Producer Go Dae Hwa, who has worked on multiple large-scale productions like MBC’s “Jumong,” KBS2’s “Hwang Jin Yi,” and SBS’s “Doctor Stranger,” will be teaming up with director Yoon Sang Ho, who was in charge of MBC’s “The Legend” and SBS’s “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”

The new drama will be set in Seoul and Shanghai under the rule of Japanese imperialism, and will be a blockbuster espionage melodrama that follows Lee Young Jin, a surgeon who becomes a spy for the provisional government in Shanghai and gets thrown into the hurricane that was the Pacific War.

The drama will begin filming in 2018.

[Lee Yuri to make a cameo on Sister is Alive]

Sources: @AsianWiki Dramabeans/Osen/IS Plus | Soompi/Naver | @Netizentown

Which dramas are you looking forward to? Are there any discussion posts you want? What have you been watching this week?
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