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Amor - 'Push Baby' debut M/V, dance practice, Pops In Seoul profiles

AMOR are the first girl group from Troy Entertainment. They released their debut single, 'Push Baby' in early August, but have only recently released the accompanying music video.

24-year-old J (Lee Seon Jae) is the leader of the group, and holds qualifications in accounting and computer processing. She arm wrestles on of the Pops In Seoul staff members, and dances to DIA's 'Somehow' with Suri.

E.Seul introduces herself in Spanish. She is a former dance team member, but is now a main vocalist. She admits she's shorter than her official profile, and has a huge appetite for snacking.

Daegu native Sodam (An Yeojin) played competitive table tennis at school. She shows how tiny her face is, how inflexible she is, and sings U Seung Eun's 'Stop Still'.

4D Suri (which means 'present the world with excellent logic' according to Suri) practised taekwando and ballet when she was younger, so she shows off her flexibility and mimics a baby trying to poop.

Maknae Moa greets the viewers in Vietnamese. She's worked in the beauty industry so she enjoys self-styling and often styles or makes up the members. She's a former child model.

source: K-Pop TV, 걸그룹 아모르 amor, ARIRANG K-POP (2, 3, 4, 5)

the song's alright if very generic but the girls are really fun, i'm already stanning j.
Tags: dance video/practice, debut, interview, music video, nugu

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