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Pannchoa's fanaccount from KBS K-pop contest

The admins at translation blog pannchoa entered a K-pop contest and were flown out to Korea for a performance where they got to see/meet some idols irl.

Some of you may know by now but back in June, we entered a dance competition with some of our friends for the 2017 Kpop World Festival held by KBS! We very luckily won first place and seriously didn't imagine that we would be picked to be sent to Korea! :D

DISCLAIMER: we're gonna be as honest as we can and since we are not that into k-idols, we might miss some members. Also, please keep in mind that this is just from our experience.

1. At Music Bank

Since the competition is made by KBS, we got the chance to attend Music Bank! :D but we were only allowed to see whatever groups were recording at that time and no cameras were allowed inside the building :(

We didn't talk or interact with any of them beside saying hi/bye from the audience.

We got to see GFriend and April:

- As for GFriend, they looked pretty much the exact same in real life XD Since we were kinda far from them, and don't really know them, we can't really say much ^^;;

- We have never really heard of April before but they were really pretty and kind in real life! They also had amazing proportions

2. At the Hongdae busking

One of our schedule consisted of doing a busking performance at Hongdae and P101's little Woojin's band was also invited.

(Lee Woojin is the second one from the right)

- The guy with the USA shirt (Lee Eunsung) was definitely super talented and the guy with the red sweater (Jung Sakang) looked really idol-ish in real life XD

- Lee Woojin looked more mature and calm in real life and they all looked very nice and innocent lol

3. At dance practices

Since our group performed Not Today by BTS, we got to dance with BTS' real back dancers *O* We had 20 back dancers in total; 4 of them were the actual real dancers and 16 others were high schoolers (who were so cute and funny TT_TT) :)

The 4 main back dancers were all suuuuuper nice and humble, although we only become close with one of them (Junho aka, the "main" back dancer) since he didn't have anything to do most of the time and "hung out" with us *_*

- He told us some juicy stuffs about the BTS members hehe but we're gonna keep some of it hush hush to protect his/their privacy! But mostly, he said that J-Hope and Jimin were the nicest and friendliest! He said that Jungkook was chill too

4. At the Changwon festival

The guests were Twice, Monsta X, NCT 127, ASTRO, Ailee and BTS! For the award ceremony, we stood right behind the celebrities so we could see most of them pretty close (~less than 1-2 meters)

- Ailee looked pretty much the same :P Surprisingly, she looks shy-er in real life though :O

- We're not very familiar with ASTRO except Cha Eunwoo... But our guy friend saw Moonbin very clearly and said that he gave him the biggest impression that night and made him speechless with how handsome he was XD (our friend is straight and has a girlfriend for those who are wondering :P)

They were all pretty tall (we are around 170 cm ish) except for 2 members


We originally were just casual fans of NCT but Johnny... omg...

He STOLE the day for us the moment he walked in... he's legit unreal and also super tall. He has super nice hair and looked 1000000000x better in real life than in pictures. His dancing was also pretty tight... He looked very very very very very chic in real life.

- Taeyong looked softer and less sharp in real life, almost cute LOL but he looked VERY good too. He was around our height at MOST. He's a freaking dance machine though.

- Mark looked pretty much the same. He looked pretty "average/ like a commoner" (NOT in a bad way, just our opinion), and he was also around our height, maybe a bit taller. Just to clarify, Mark is one of our favorite NCT members.

- Yuta looked super handsome too. He was also at most the same height as us :P He was probably the friendliest since he greeted us first and bowed to us TT_TT <3 He looked like those J-drama actors and had super sharp features.

- Haechan looked literally like another person in real life LOL to the point we were wondering if it was really him. Our other friend who's a NCT fan also said that same. He was handsome too, and very lean and tall but he's a bit hard to describe since he looked nothing like the way he looks like on screen :/ Maybe those who have seen in in real life can describe him in better terms?

- Jaehyun also looked like he was around our height... He looked ok XD (he was originally one of our faves too but Johnny was too strong)

- Doyoung looked handsome in a clean and fresh way.

- WinWin is just really skinny, super small head, he kinda goes "unnoticed" (or maybe because we don't really know him :P)

- Taeil looks better in real life than on screen, he's also on the shorter end, but he looks kinda similar to Jaehyun in real life :)

Most of the Twice members looked exactly the same in real life :P

They were all so tiny in real life :O Most, if not all of them, are definitely shorter than us. They also had very small faces (for those who care about that xD)

The ones that really stood out were Sana, Jungyeon and Tzuyu!

- Sana was just too gorgeous in real life and so unrivaled. We literally couldn't even take our eyes off her so we didn't get to see other members well :( All her features were perfect and she looked more chic and elegant than cute in real life ^^

- Jungyeon was also super pretty and had perfect proportions. She definitely gave off the celebrity-vibes.

- Tzuyu looked amazing which was a given :P She looked super cheerful and nice in real life

- We bumped into Jihyo in the washrooms and her eyes were very big *_*

Disclaimer: we did not see all the members well so please don't kill us ^^;;;;

- Jimin: He was the first one to walk in on stage and you could straight away tell that he's a celebrity. He was super skinny and looked extra sharp. He wasn't very smiley but it made him look cool haha *_*

- Suga: (Admin who did Suga's part) Ok I'm not even gonna pretend I'm not biased, he's my bias <3<3<3 so of course he looked like a freaking male god walking on stage, but more importantly, we made eye contact and he gave me a heart TT_TT I had to call his name since it's once in a lifetime, might as well use this opportunity to get noticed :D anyways, highlight of the day (for me~)

- J-hope: You can tell he's very kind? He walked on stage and told us good job and he was the first one to greet us. When he left, he also greeted all of us :) seems like a cool guy

- Jin: Jin looks reaaaaaaally good in real life, he looks very skinny too. He looks like the "visual" of the group?

- Rapmon: As soon as he walk in on stage, I couldn't look away since he was too handsome XD To the point that I didn't look at other members very well :( He's thousands of times better looking than on pictures (although I find him already very handsome on pictures hehehehe) and you could tell that he's confident and mannerly from his presence (?)

He was also super tall and his skin looked amazing (tanned/honey skin)

- Jungkook: He looked pretty tall. He looked very idol-ish/flower boy and he was pretty lean.

- V: V actually looked shorter than our expectations, which is not a bad thing (BUT he's still taller than us for sure, for some reasons, we were expecting him to be super tall). He looked very tired and looked exactly the same as on pictures.

We got to hug them (Monsta X) and handshake with them since they were the ones who gave us the award!

- We saw IM a lot since he was the MC, he's quite tall, and pretty good in English (I don't know if he actually speaks it or not) He looks really tsundere/chic in real life

- Minhyuk is like the cute/bubbly one, he's very cute :)

- Kihyun was the most handsome of the lot

- ShownU (? don't kill us for not knowing their names!!!) looks verrryyy different in real life, he looks way better and has better proportions too?

- Jooheon looks like a baws, he walks with confidence and his style stood out the most among the whole lot. His hair was also pretty neat and he was super tall

- (we don't really know the rest) But the one with the big lips and beefy body(?) was playing tag with another member and both of them were just running around the backstage area without really caring that we were just there starring at them, overall, they looked very down to earth, they don't act like celebrities at all (except Jooheon haha)

Source: pannchoa 1 | pannchoa 2

tl;dr: stan Johnny Suh
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