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Highlight medley and packaging details for BTOB's second full album #Brother_Act

The album will come in a single version, but will have a lot of randomised things inside aside from photocards like 7 different cds (coming as individual members), bookmarks and posters.

Naver also posted a bunch of photos from the jacket shooting, if you want to see some handsome men in a field because I did not feel like uploading all these photos.

Brother Act will be released on October 16.

source: btob yt, officialbtob

🍁 Concept Teasers #1 / Concept Teasers #2
🍁 Individual Sketches
🍁 Tracklist / Highlight Medley

omg i was scared it was sounding a bit underwhelming but from track 7 onwards it's so good. i cannot wait! and the format of the video is adorable.
Tags: btob, teaser

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