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Wheesung and GFRIEND's Yuju win Fantastic Duo 2 Chuseok special

Wheesung Teams Up With Yuju To Face Off Against Park Hyun Bin And Lee Gikwang On “Fantastic Duo 2"

For its October 8 broadcast, SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2” aired the second part to its celebrity Chuseok special that began last week.

During the episode, Samuel, GFRIEND’s Yuju, Teen Top’s Niel, Boom, and actress Hyun Jyu Ni vied for the chance to become Wheesung (Realslow)’s duet partner.

As an appeal to her senior, Yuju sang a short cover of the singer’s “With Me” with Wheesung himself. She also shared how she’s been a fan since elementary school, explaining, “When I was younger, I happen to turn on the TV and Wheesung was singing ‘Insomnia.’ I was shocked. [I thought,] ‘So it’s possible to sing about insomnia like that. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.”

While other contestants, like Samuel with his dancing skills, put up a fierce fight, Wheesung named Yuju as his pick.

The newly-formed duet partners went on to the final round against Park Hyun Bin and his partner of choice, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang. The two teams each prepared a special performance in order to determine who would come out on top.

Wheesung and Yuju slowed things down with a live band version of Wheesung’s hit track “Even Thought of Marriage.” Park Hyun Bin and Lee Gikwang energetically performed the trot singer’s “Shabang Shabang” while incorporating Highlight’s “Plz Don’t Be Sad.”

In the end, Wheesung and Yuju went home as the winners of this celebrity special with a six-point lead. Check out their fantastic performances below!

SBS cuts the performances before the end, watch the full performance of the winners here:

Watch here the full episode: KShowOnline - Fantatic Duo 2 EP.28

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