camouflagecat (camouflagecat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

GOT2DAY is back! 2017 vlive edition

1. Yugyeom&Mark

2. Youngjae&JB

3. Jinyoung&Jackson

Source: GOT7

Okay so apparently this time they're doing the "episodes" as live vapps and the pairings are random if I understood correctly? I hope they still do all the pairings, I wanna see more of the one-on-one dynamics of each member.

They're so weird lol (or just bad at vlive idk). The endings for ep1 & ep2 have me cracking up so bad.

And for ep3 I'm living for all this jinson (bless them for going on for 20min when the others were so careful to keep it around 10min lol), Jackson remains Jinyoung's nr 1 fan and Jinyoung so much as looks at Jackson and he bursts out laughing, they're PRECIOUS (hmmM @ some of the things JS talked about tho like his body image and not wanting to read comments)

also, Jackson's singing :O
Tags: got7, v app

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