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Bae Doona confirms Netflix drama "Kingdom" + supporting cast

"Kingdom" is a zombie thriller period drama. It will follow a Crown Prince during the Joseon Dynasty who investigates a mysterious new plagued within his territory. He eventually discovers that the illness is actually a zombie epidemic. The Netflix drama added Heo Joon Ho and Jeon Suk Ho in supporting roles. They will potentially work alongside Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong and Joo Ji Hoon. All three are currently in talks to board "Kingdom."

The Crown Prince (the role Joo Ji Hoon is considering) will try to bring to light the zombie problem and try to ward his kingdom from the creatures. The series is scheduled to start filming sometime this month and then be available for streaming next year.

Heo recently appeared in another period drama on MBC called "Ruler: Master of the Mask" where he played the role of Kim Dae Mok, the leader of the Pyunsoohwe, a group that has power over the royal family. The drama was set during the Joseon Dynasty.

Meanwhile, Jeon is probably best known as Secretary Kong, Ahn Min Hyuk's (Park Hyung Sik) right-hand man in "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon." He also starred in "The Good Wife" and the movie "Lucid Dream" (also available on Netflix). Unfortunately, their roles are yet to be disclosed.

Drama Beans also reports that the Netflix Originals series is planned to run for three seasons. The first season, according to the site, was rumored to have six episodes instead of the planned eight.

Netflix announced that "Kingdom" was in development back in March. The zombie thriller was penned by Kim Eun Hee ("Signal") and directed by Kim Seong Hun ("Tunnel").

"'Kingdom' captured our imaginations from the moment we read the script with its visual feast of historical drama blended with supernatural fantasy," said Netflix's VP of international originals Erik Barmack. "We are incredibly honored by this rare opportunity of pairing two premier creative minds in Korea - film director Kim Seong Hun and television writer Kim Eun Hee."

Sources: @Netizentown | @KoreanUpdates/Naver | Korea Portal

This drama was first announced in March, but we finally got some casting confirmed. As of yet, Joo Ji Hoon and Ryu Seung Ryong have not confirmed but I'm excited for Bae Doona! Joseon zombies with the writer of Signal, what a dream combination.
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