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Another mini BTS roundup (Run BTS! + BT21 Making + Japanese single information)

Run BTS! Episode 23 (aka death by cute)

BTS will release their first triple A-side single on December 6th!

BTS will release a triple A-side single in Japan on December 6th.

The single will contain Japanese versions of DNA and MIC Drop, as well as a song made for release in Japan, Crystal Snow. Crystal Snow, which will only be released in Japanese (TN: I’m not sure of my translation here), is a winter song BTS has made for their Japanese fans.

Limited edition versions A and B will come with a DVD containing a music video and making, while limited edition version C will come with a 36-page special photobook.

In addition, there will be handshake events in Tokyo (December 16th) and Kobe (December 17th) and an event at Yokohama Arena (December 13th) only for BTS Japan Official Fanclub members.
- this is a partial translation: more information can be found here (in Japanese)

Sources: BTS Vlive | bts-official.jp (translation mine) | BT21 YouTube

I saw a claim that there will be a MIC Drop MV with the Japanese single, but this particular article doesn't say which song(s) the MV is for.
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