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YG’s new TV show “iKON’s School Trip against Rule” to begin on November 4

A new TV show of group iKON, comedian Jung Hyung-don, Jo Se-ho, and Kim Shin-young will be unveiled.

The official title of the TV show directly produced by YG Entertainment is “Global Friendship Project – School Trip against Rule”. It has confirmed broadcasting on JTBC recently. The first episode will be aired on November 4 at 12:20AM.

“School Trip against Rule” has already been drawing keen attention for the combination between iKON and Jung Hyung-don. iKON members will appear as the students of “President YANG’s High School” and Jung will act as the dean of students. As iKON members have never gone on a school trip because of their busy schedules as an idol group, the members look very much excited about their first school trip in the show.

The show is also a project designed to build friendship between Korean and Japanese stars. Along with the iKON members who will appear as the students of “President YANG’s High School”, seven Japanese rising stars will appear as the students of “Tokyo Girls’ High School”. The seven include members of Japanese girl group GEM of AVEX, one of the largest music labels in Japan, as well as top actresses and models on Japan.

There have been some Korean TV shows in which foreign stars appeared, but “iKON’s School Trip” is the first-ever Korean TV show in which as many as 14 foreign stars appear. The production of the show was possible thanks to YG Entertainment’s strong global network. After “iKON’s School Trip” show that will display the process of building friendship between Korean and Japanese stars, the next season of the show will present stars from another country.

iKON members who had missed ordinary school life and school trip because of their career are going on a school trip to Jeju Island for five days and four nights. With such trip for recovery of lost memories, iKON members will delete one item in their bucket list.

The lineup of teachers who will lead the school trip is drawing keen attention as well. Jung Hyung-don will prevent students’ deviation and Jo Se-ho will play the role of the teacher for the class of iKON. Kim Shin-young will play the role of a cheerful and playful teacher of Tokyo Girls’ High School. Sayuri and Lee Tae-im will act as trainee teachers.

The show’s producer YG Entertainment explained, “Stars from Korea and Japan who have lived in different places so far will have various experiences of both countries’ culture and sentiment. The most interesting point of the project is the reaction and emotions of the stars from the two countries”.

“School Trip against Rule” show will be aired on JTBC from November 4 on every Saturday at 12:20AM.

Wait, is this a reality show or scripted? I can't tell by the article lol. Scripted reality?

source: YG Life
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