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Some Zion.T news

Zion.T is to join “Mix Nine” as judge.

In the afternoon of October 11, JTBC’s “Mix Nine” released a teaser video, announcing that Zion.T joined its all-star judge lineup following Big Bang’s Taeyang and CL.

In the video, Zion.T expresses his thoughts on and his sincere aspirations for joining “Mix Nine” as judge.

“To be honest, I was not a trainee before I became a singer, so I never experienced the painful training period and cannot relate to it,” he started, confessing that he wondered whether it was even right for him to judge the trainees.

Recalling the first time he met with the trainees, he followed, “So many were desperate and training in earnest. I would feel sorry if I have to eliminate them, so I hope everyone does well.”

To finish, he reflected, “The deep desire of idol trainees really makes me think about what kind of attitude I should have,” also conveying his heartfelt aspiration, “I dare not think that I am in a position to judge others. I just want to help them find their direction for the future.”

Since his debut in 2009, Zion.T revealed his unique color of music with numerous hit songs, such as “Yanghwa Bridge,” “Eat,” and “The Song,” earning nicknames like “Chart Gangster” and “Genius Musician.”

Furthermore, in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 5” last year, he teamed up as producer with Kush, gaining tremendous popularity with the songs “Machine Gun” and “Koong,” while also demonstrating that his critiques were as unique as his marked individuality. In turn, many are already waiting to see him appear on “Mix Nine” as judge.

“Mix Nine” is the first variety show Producer HAN Dong Cheol will be broadcasting after he moved to work with YG Entertainment. The producer is known for planning out a number of music survival programs, including “Produce 101” and “Show Me The Money 6.”

“Mix Nine” is a reality competition show for finding new stars out of the 400-plus trainees that YG’s head producer, Yang Hyun Suk, personally selected from 75 different entertainment agencies traveling all around Korea. The program is to be aired at 4:50 p.m. starting October 29.

Zion.T held his first concert since he moved to THE BLACK LABEL under the title of “CINEMA”, and the concert ended in great success.

The concert took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on October 14. Just like its title ”CINEMA”, the concert was structured like a movie.

Right after the opening video was played, Zion. T appeared on the stage and sang “Cinema”, “Miss Kim”, and “Madame”, which are tracks of his OO” album released in February.

He said, “I’ve performed at concerts a million times, but I’m so nervous to be doing a solo concert.”

Then he sang 21 of his hit songs including “Bad Guys”, “The Song”, “Eat”, and “See Through”. He also sang Yoo Jae Ha’s “Because I Love You” and The Classic’s “Magic Castle” and touched the hearts of the audience.

Guests came to show their support. Gray, Loco, and Elo, who are members of Vivid Crew, sang “No Manners”, ”Respect”, “Good”, “We Are”, “Blink”, and “Hold Me Tight”, which really heated things up. When they were performing “We Are”, Show Me The Money 6’s contestant Woo Won Jae appeared on the stage and made the audience go frenzy.

PSY also appeared as a guest and performed “Celebrity” and “I Remember You”. It has been said that Zion.T wanted PSY’s advice on the concert, and they talked for more than 71 minutes over the phone. “I Remember You” is a track in PSY’s 7th album, and it’s the first time that PSY and Zion.T sang the song live since the album was released. PSY said, “This is the first time and it might be the last, so I hope this stage is a big present for you.”

Zion.T commented, “There are so many singers out there, but thank you for liking me out of all the singers in the world. I’m so happy to have met you.”

Then he sang “Yangwha BRDG” and “No Make Up” for the encore stage. However, the audience refused to leave their seats, so he sang “Because I Love You” once again and ended his concerts in tears.

source: YG Life 1 & 2
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