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Income in entertainment industry heavily imbalanced

A-list actors earn more than 2 billion won (US $1.76 million) a year on average, but about 90 percent of the people in the acting business make only about 6.2 million won (US $5,475), tax agency records showed Tuesday.

Data provided by the National Tax Service (NTS) to Rep. Park Kwang-on for the ongoing parliamentary audits showed that 15,870 people filed income taxes last year as actors. Their annual income before taxes averaged 42 million won.

The top 1 percent earners, or 158 actors, made 2.08 billion (US $1.8 million) won last year, which equals 47.3 percent of the total income by all in the same career, records showed. The top 10 percent, or 1,587 actors, earned 367 million won (US $324,090), an equivalent of 86.8 percent of the total. The remaining 90 percent, or 14,283 people, took home 6.2 million won (US $5,475) for the year, or roughly 520,000 won (US $459) a month.

The disparity was as stark for singers and models. Of 4,667 people who listed their profession as singers, 46 in the top 1 percentile made 4.26 billion won (US $4.06 million) on average in 2016. Ninety percent of them made 8.7 million won (US $7,682) in the same period.

For models, 82 in the highest 1 percent earned 544 million won (US $480,390). For 90 percent, income stopped at just 2.7 million won (US $2,384).

Income difference was also wide between genders. In the case of male actors, the annual average earnings came to 47 million won (US $41,504), higher than 37 million won (US $32,673) for females. Among singers, males on average made 112 million won (US $98,903) compared with 40 million won (US $35,322) by their female counterparts.

Currency conversions courtesy of Goggle.

source: Yonhap News
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