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Hwayugi Casting News

"Hwayugi" is a modern retelling of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, which is about a Buddhist monk who is tasked by the gods with retrieving sacred texts from India. It is centered around five main characters, with a monk on a pilgrimage to India accompanied by disciples/companions, each of whom is atoning for sins committed in past lives. The mischievous Monkey King, Sun Wukong, wears a gold ring around his head that can control him; the Pig is the fighter with a big appetite; Sandy is a water demon who has a quieter role; and Yulong is the son of the dragon king who appears as a horse. In the drama, the monk will be a female heroine who searches for the purest light in the midst of the dark world full of evil spirits.

The gods give the monk four protector-companions, the main one being Sun Wukong (character offered to Lee Seung-gi), the mischievous Monkey King. Cha Seung-won’s character is modeled after the Bull Demon King, who initially presents an obstacle for the travelers, but becomes a sworn brother to Sun Wukong. In Hwayugi, which is set in the present day, Cha Seung-won will play a gentle and charismatic businessman. He’s content with his luxurious life, being the object of everyone’s envy. Even though he’s the CEO of an entertainment company, he’s more popular than even some of his own celebrities. However, he has a bad history with Lee Seung-gi’s character in the past.

Oh Yeon-seo is set to play Jin Sun-mi, the monk who teams up with Sun Wukong, the trickster Monkey King, and the charismatic but vain Bull Demon King to defeat the evil spirits. Jin Sun-mi is a big-time real estate CEO who resells haunted houses, deserted houses, houses of mourning, basically any house with bad chi for a profit. She’s wealthy, beautiful, and has an unyielding tenacity that makes her so good at her job. Her only downside is that she’s not the friendliest, which is making me anticipate meet-cute misunderstandings and squabbles.

FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki will play the pig monster Zhu Bajie. In this adaptation, the pig monster has the power to seduce women and lives a cushy life as a top star. He even used his powers to get there, since all it takes is ten minutes of unleashing his magic to get all of the women on the planet to fall for him. This power does have a dark side though, because he uses it to suck the life force out of the women who worship him.

But since Journey to the West is all about mischievous characters going on a journey of enlightenment, it’s safe to expect some changes in store for the top star. We’re told that he’ll survive thanks to the mercy of the heroine, and learn to use his fame and sociability to help her on her quest. He’ll also have a hyung-dongsaeng relationship with the hero.
On October 19, sources from tvN shared that actress Lee Se Young and YG Entertainment rapper ONE are both positively discussing the offers to star in the drama.

ONE has been cast as a mysterious young man, which is a minor but memorable character. It has not yet been revealed which role Lee Se Young has been offered.

The drama is the next project by the Hong Sisters, who previously wrote hits such as “The Greatest Love,” “You’re Beautiful,” “Master’s Sun,” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”

“Hwayugi” is set to premiere in December and air on Saturdays and Sunday.

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So the four in the tweet have confirmed, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Se Young, and Bora are still considering. Lee Seung Gi gets discharged from the military on the 31st, so there might be a confirmation after then. I'm extremely confused about this synopsis, but I might end up checking it out.
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