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Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin confirmed for SBS's Nothing To Lose

Park Eun-bin will play a fiery judge known for being incapable of holding back her temper in front of particularly shameless and despicable defendants. She didn’t become a Seoul District Court judge to mete out justice, but instead chose the field of law because of its material benefits. She might have become a judge for less than noble reasons, but she’ll get way in over her head when her older brother is framed for murder, and is himself killed by powers greater than her. The rookie judge will fight against these powers, and bring to light long-buried truths, while also restoring a battered sense of justice to the system.

Yeon Woo-jin will play a judge from the Seoul District Court, who always dreamt of becoming a respected judge since he was young. He values his record as much as his life, and as such, he treats each case as if his life were on the line. With his wisdom and flexibility, he’s often called to be a mediator between plaintiffs and defendants. When he’s assigned to the same division as the heroine, a strange new relationship begins—not quite rivals, but not quite friends either.

Dongha has been offered the part of a very capable prosecutor who graduated with Park Eun-bin at the top of his class. Once he’s latched onto a criminal defendant, he doesn’t ever let go, earning him the nickname “Mad Dog”, and always challenges directives from above he believes are unjust. It’ll be interesting to see whether he’ll aid Park Eun-bin or work against her, especially if he is under the impression her brother was a murderer.

Reports have gone back and forth on whether idol-actress Haeryung from BESTie has already confirmed her role, but the character she’s up to play is still a law school student with a pretty colorful background: She’s a third-generation chaebol as well as a former idol, but she also has a very quick mind that would excel in the legal world. Unfortunately, her gold-spoon background is a source of prejudice from those around her, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing a career as a judge.

Wednesday-Thursday drama Nothing to Lose will begin on SBS in November, after the end of While You Were Sleeping.

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Yes @ Park Eun Bin getting roles, though she's very young to be a judge. I really like both leads. I so wish this wasn't yet another legal drama, but I'll watch for these two (and Dongha if he confirms).
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