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The Return of Superman Ep 202

This week’s episode of The Return of Superman is titled, “Our Sweet Relationship”. Donggook and Sian spend the day delivering steamed rice cakes to their new neighbors. Sam and William visit a cafe made for kids with their friends. While Sam spends time with his foreigner friends that he met in Korea, William has fun with their kids.

We meet a new family that lives in Russia, it's speed skater Victor An and his daughter Jane. She looks like a mix of Sarang and Shoo's daughters to me. That house is soooo nice! Jiyong takes Seungjae to look for eels. He also forgets the cardinal rule when it comes to dinner with Seungjae: do not let him make friends with the food beforehand. Sian and his family move into a new home. Sam and William visit with friends by the river. We've met one of the little kids before...remember that little girl with all those big, gorgeous curls that we saw at a playgroup before?

source: KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman

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