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Beautiology 'The Cushion' web drama with Jung Ilhoon, Yoo Seonho and Lena

Beautiology brings us this web series "The Cushion" starring BTOB's Jung Ilhoon, PD101/CUBE chick Yoo Seonho and popular makeup vlogger Lena. Their aim is to research on makeup products and eventually launch a new cushion. Seven episodes has been released so far in Beautiology's Youtube channel and all are subbed.

Episode 2: The First Meeting
Episode 3: Color Pop Pop
Episode 4: Skin Tone (What are Jung IlHoon and Yoo Seonho's Personal Color?)
Episode 5: Beauty Power (Ilhoon vs Seonho Beauty Exam)
Episode 6: Coverage (Ilhoon & Seonho takes on the Lie Detector Test)
Episode 6.5: Special extra episode

Source: Beautiology's YT

This is such a funny show. We see Lena fangirling over Seonho and Ilhoon being a brat. I live for Ilhoon's crazy reactions and Seonho's innocence.
Tags: btob, makeup, produce 101 alumni

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