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2PM Taecyeon’s scarlet letter

A fan letter for 2PM's Taecyeon is receiving an enormously high amount of attention.

You might ask why, it's just a fan letter how bad could it possibly be, right? I mean fan letters are nothing but a bunch of written letters that talk about how much they adore the guy... Well, think again.

This particular fan letter was not written in the typical ink we use on a day-to-day basis. In fact, this special "ink" cannot be used every day, but only a few times every cycle of 28 days. Still clueless? It was written with the fangirl's red blood. But not a regular "clean" blood you get from a paper cut - its blood from her period with a sprinkle of pubic hair.

I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter
Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me
Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes

Of course, Korean netizens never believe anything, so after this picture was posted on the web, it received a rush of comments all saying it was fake. I'm guessing this insane little girl got offended, so she posted a picture of her bloody pad afterwards to prove her writing is truly "genuine."

(uncensored photo)

After the post, the enraged/disturbed netizens hunted down her minihompy and began to attack her with hateful comments. The fangirl quickly posted:

"I am sorry. I apologize for bothering Taecyeon as well as his fans. I didn't know it would get this big. I am not a SahSaeng fan, but just an obsessive girl."

Her minihompy is still being flooded with haters even after the apology, and the fangirl has now threatened to file a lawsuit against them.

Poor Taecyeon - first an eyebrow-raising comparison to designer Andre Kim and now this... this just isn't his day!

source: allkpop

..... what is this. i don't even....
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