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a shinee update post! (media heavy!)

(minho is in the second slide.)






[miscellaneous updates]
miscellaneous updates

what the group is up to:

key recently finished participating in the encore run of his first stage play, save the green planet!. other than that, he recently opened up an instagram account for his dogs.

minho is (still) in the middle of filming kim jee won's remake of the wolf brigade, inrang , which he'll be playing a supporting role in alongside kang dong won, han hyo joo, jung woo sung and han ye ri. on the side: he's been attending a shit ton of award shows. he won the face of asia award at the marie clare 5th asia star awards, was nominated for best new actor at the 2016 daejeong awards and he's also nominated for a blue dragon award for acting.

taemin is, obviously, promoting his recently released second full album, move. on the side of this, he is (still) starring in the (prerecorded) amazon japan prime exclusive drama, final life. his v-live based reality program, which started last month, finished airing yesterday.

jonghyun is currently preparing his next solo album. (rumor is that his comeback will be as early as january. the album preparations were compared by jonghyun himself, not sm lol) he's also apparently going to be holding a solo concert in early december but sm hasn't confirmed it yet.

shinee will have their next group schedule on november 24th when they participate in a joint concert for the shilla duty free in singapore with red velvet. onew will apparently be attending the concert but idk for sure.

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