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Drama News Round Up

It's been a quiet week in drama land with no finales or premieres. The new cycle of dramas will start premiering in less than two weeks, so posts with trailers will be forthcoming. Remember to check out our drama discussion tag to talk about currently airing shows. We also have a kdrama channel on the unofficial Omona discord, as well as dedicated channels for both 20th Century Boy and Girl and This Life Is Our First. If you're like me and love to talk dramas, please join!

[Sung Hoon takes lead role for The Sound of Your Heart season 2]Actor Sung Hoon has been confirmed to take the lead role in KBS’ sitcom “The Sound of Your Heart – Reboot: Fools.”

The role was previously played by Lee Kwang Soo, but Sung Hoon will be playing his character Jo Suk this season.

The production company Kross Pictures revealed the reason they picked Sung Hoon, saying, “We discovered a surprising, hidden talent behind Sung Hoon’s healthy vibe and chic image. Everyone will fall for his unpredictable, loving charms.”

Sung Hoon commented, “Jo Suk from ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ is a charming character I really wanted to try out. I will completely immerse [in my role] as Jo Suk and give fresh laughter and energy to viewers.”

More members of the new cast will be announced in consecutive order.

Meanwhile, the web version of the first season received more than 40 million views in Korea and a total view of more than 250 million views worldwide.

[Lee Ki Woo cast in Four Men]If you missed last week's round up, Four Men is back with a new director after being shelved.

[Kim Hyun Joon (V’s brother from Hwarang) cast in Black Knight]Actor Kim Hyun Joon is confirmed to appear in KBS2’s new drama “The Black Knight” (literal translation).

On October 21, Kim Hyun Joon’s agency Prain TPC revealed that he will play the role of Choi Ji Hoon, a man who Hae Ra (played by Shin Se Kyung) has been dating for 10 months.

Choi Ji Hoon is not only Hae Ra’s good-looking boyfriend but also a bold conman who is always positive. He begins to date Hae Ra while he is feigning the role of a prosecutor. Although Choi Ji Hoon once dreamed of becoming an actor, he is now an adorable conman who believes he can seduce a girl with only his eyes.

Kim Hyun Joon originally worked as a model but has been gaining popularity as an actor with his acting skills. After leaving a strong first impression through the movie “Han Gong Ju,” he proceeded to appear in dramas such as “Plus Nine Boys,” “Fool’s Love,” and “Hwarang.”

In regards to his new role, Kim Hyun Joon commented, “I’m really happy for this opportunity to participate in a production with such great actors, director, and writers. I want to be viewed as a mature actor.” He also asked the viewers to show lots of love to both the drama and his character.

“The Black Knight” tells the story of a man who faces his dangerous fate for the woman he loves. It is written by Kim In Young, the writer of KBS2’s “Unkind Women,” “Man From the Equator,” and “Women in the Sun.”

The drama is set to air in December after “Mad Dog.”

[Kwak Dong Yeon cast in KBS Drama Special]Ji-Won (Kwak Dong-Yeon) plays third base for his high school baseball team. His life revolves around baseball, but he has difficulty in getting extra-base hits due to his physical condition. He has anxiety about not being able to play professionally.

[9MUSES Sojin confirmed for web drama]9MUSES’ Sojin has been cast as the lead for web drama “Will-o’-the-Wisp” (literal translation).

On October 25, Sojin’s agency Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “9MUSES’ Sojin has been cast as Gong Sun Mi, the female lead in web drama ‘Will-o’-the-Wisp’ [working title.]” She will be acting for the first time through this drama. The agency asked fans to support her in her new challenge as she has put a lot of effort into preparing.

“Will-o’-the-Wisp” will tell the story of Yoo Jae Hyung, an innocent young man whose family has kept an apple farm for four generations and Gong Sun Mi, the only daughter of the local politician and constructor. Based on the folktale of Cheongsong region, it is a romantic drama that depicts the characters’ ambitions, conflicts, as well as love.

In the drama, Sojin will play the role of Gong Sun Mi, a sophisticated girl of intelligence. After going to the United States as a teenager with full support from her father, Gong Sun Mi attends Wellesley College, a prestigious women’s college known as the school that Hillary Clinton graduated from. She plans to build an amusement park better than Disneyland in Juwang Mountain at Cheongsong, but unexpectedly falls in love with Yoo Jae Hyung.

Sojin is the third member from 9MUSES to try acting, following Kyungri and Hyemi.

“Will-o’-the-Wisp” consists of three episode, each approximately 15 minutes, and will be revealed for the first time on October 30 through Naver TV, Kakao TV, and TV10+.

Sources: Soompi/Naver | @AsianWiki | Soompi/Naver | @AsianWiki/AsianWiki | Soompi/Naver

I'm on a trip this week, which means I'm now behind on 6 out of the 8 dramas I'm currently watching. RIP my productivity next week as I try to catch up. What are you watching, Omona?
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