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Only 0.2% of PyeongChang Paralympics tickets sold

The PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games are suffering from a lack of attention as only 0.2 percent of available tickets have been sold, a local lawmaker said Friday.

According to Rep. Jo Seoung-lae of the ruling Democratic Party, who received the data from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, only 457 tickets for the PyeongChang Paralympics were sold as of last Friday. This only accounts 0.2 percent of 223,353 Paralympic tickets up for sale.

By discipline, wheelchair curling marked the lowest percentage of sales at 0.09 percent as only 37 out of 40,071 tickets were sold. The ticket sales for the opening ceremony had the highest sales rate, but stood at only 0.95 percent as 191 out of 20,032 tickets were purchased.

For the PyeongChang Olympic Games, so far 25.8 percent of the 1.06 million available tickets, or 275,964, have been sold.

"It's very concerning that the percentage of ticket sales is only 0.2 percent with the Paralympic Games just four months away," Cho said. "The Paralympic Games should be promoted actively like the Olympic Games."

The Winter Paralympics will be staged in PyeongChang, some 180 kilometers east of Seoul, and its adjacent cities in Gangwon Province from March 9 to 18 next year. The event follows the Feb. 9-25 Winter Olympics.

LA gets the games in 2028, and I already know I'm going to try to get into anything. Because it's the Olympics! Just a chance to see it live and cheer on the athletes. Someone send me a ticket to Korea, I'll go to everything! I'll be one of those professional fans, omg how fun!

source: Yonhap News
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