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Flashback Friday

I’ve been on vacay this past week, so I spent it sleeping in, laying out (Los Angeles why you so damn hot this week?!?) and working on the next cycle of Flashback Fridays. All planned out until the end of the year, yay! Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Both of the honorable mentions have been posted in a past post, so this time we’ll see some live performances. We are on some iconic shit this week!

#3 BoA “Eat You Up”
Queen BoA with her first English single. I haven’t thought about this in so long! I barely remember this song (Is she saying “so yum yum”?), I remember the video more. All this choreography omg! She’s amazing! Meanwhile, OP tripped over a garden hose last month and now I swear I hear squeaking every time I walk up stairs. There are two different music videos for this song, and I’m posting this one because this is the version I remember.

#2 Rain “Rainism”
I was never a huge Rain fan, but I did watch this mumbling “ohmygod” a hundred times over the course of this video. I don’t remember the vampire (Are they vampires? Just miscellaneous creatures of the undead?) parts though. But this is for sure in my top favorite Rain songs, hard not to bop to this.

#1 Kim Jong Kook “Today More Than Yesterday”
I think I’ve mentioned it before in a previous Flashback Friday, but there’s only one Kim Jong Kook song that I like and really remember. This one isn’t it either, lol. But I remember this MV! I remember him walking down that street and seeing all the couples.

Honorable Mentions

#7 Wonder Girls “Nobody”
So many live performances to choose from, but picked this one because I can’t ignore almost 68 million views! They all look so gorgeous, and I think I loved all their outfits this era. I still do the choreography to the chorus when I hear it lol.

#10 Epik High “1 Minute 1 Second”
I don’t remember the live performances of this song at all so I was surprised that there was dancers and choreo. Mithra Jin looks so Mithra Bear here! He was all Mithra Bear until he was discharged and those first pics came out when the guys came to pick him up with the choco pies and it was like “DAYYUUMM!”, oh my god remember that?!? I still call him that though lol.

sources: BOAVEVO, MuzikTrack, KwanGieeeee, Mnet K-POP, MBCkpop & Bugs
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