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Day6 Blends Pop Rock & K-Pop Charm at NYC Fanmeet Concert

The Korean band sold out The Town Hall in New York City, proving that live music and K-pop finesse can mix.

Boyish charms and uptempo, often evocative pop-rock attracted around 1,400 Day6’s fans (called My Days) to the Manhattan venue The Town Hall on Tuesday night. Even before the show, the crowd was bristling with anticipation, handing out banners and waving glowing lightsticks to cheer on the band. When the quintet came out on stage and began playing the first bars of “I Wait” -- a single they released in January to kick off their year-long EveryDay6 release project-- the first-floor audience was on their feet singing along, something they did throughout the entirety of the show.

The bandmembers are a bit older than their contemporaries -- Jae is the oldest at 25 and drummer Dowoon is the youngest at 22, whereas labelmates TWICE are between the ages of 18 and 22 -- and it showed through the five men’s serious approach towards their music during this meet and greet segment. The members made references to their pre-K-pop collegiate years and their decisions to pursue music professionally, with Jae -- known by many K-pop fans for his frank attitude towards the industry on his Twitter account -- revealing that he turned to music as a career after being inspired by YouTubers and Kollaboration, a performing arts organization dedicated to raising the presence of Asian Americans in media.

But as personable and casual as Day6 are, their playing is just as finely tuned as the dance performances of their counterparts, with the members moving between each track of the night with consummately carefree attitudes and polished movements. Meshing sentimental tracks on the set list with more happy-go-lucky tunes -- they ended the night with the festive duo of “Dance Dance” and “Freely” -- the band proved at the Town Hall that they have what it takes to turn K-pop’s dynamism towards live music. And hopefully there will be plenty more of that to come.

Read the full article at Billboard!

Source: Billboard

I can't believe I'm still alive after last night. Wow. This article does a pretty good job of covering them in general though. Get that exposure!!
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