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The Unit: Performances from the first episode

The first episode of The Unit aired last night, and KBS was quick enough to upload them on Youtube. Find out how your favorite flop did after the cut!

Good Day, performing Into the new world by SNSD

Heejin from Good Day also performed solo, singing a song from the Goblin OST

Jun and Chan from A.C.E, performing Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5

They also danced to Gashina!

Hyunjoo, former member of April, performing Pretty by KARA

Jun from U-Kiss, performing Dang Dang Dang by Supreme Team

Dalshabet, Brave Girls and Laboum were thrown together in a 2:46 segment

Areum, former member of T-ara, Day & Night by Gunji, Shannon Williams and herself

Bigstar performing Flower Road by Sejeong

Raehwan later sang a solo, I Dream by 15&

Lee Jungha, former JYPE trainee, performing a song from B1A4 (don't know the name, help a sis out) it's What's going on

Lee Joohyun, a trainee from CUBE, performing a song I don't know the name of, but Seohyun from Soshi also sang this song when she auditioned for SM Valenti by BoA

Jiwon from Spica performing a remix of her own song Tonight

sources: KBSKpop yt
Tags: a.c.e, april, bigstar, brave girls, dal★shabet, ex-group members, keembo/spica, laboum, nugu, t-ara, the unit, u-kiss

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