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Song Sun Mi’s Agency Releases Investigation Details About Her Husband’s Murder


Actress Song Sun Mi’s agency, JR Entertainment, has released the prosecution’s investigation details of her husband’s murder.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, the deceased was found to have been unjustly killed as part of a heinous, planned crime while helping his grandfather who was illegally deprived of his property.

Not only did the assailants seize the elderly grandfather’s property by forging documents, they committed the unimaginable crime of instigating the murder of the deceased as he was helping his grandfather who had realized later that he had been tricked and was in the process of suing them to reclaim his property.

The case was not caused by a legacy or inheritance dispute as some have falsely reported. It is a crime committed by assailants angry at the deceased who was purely assisting the surviving grandfather in his request to reclaim his illegally deprived property. The late husband was truly killed in injustice and the men at the center of the dispute are the grandfather illegally deprived of his property and the perpetrators who took it.

If the deceased victim who had honestly helped his grandfather reclaim his property is falsely portrayed as having had a dispute with the perpetrators for his grandfather’s money when the widow [Song Sun Mi] and the bereaved family including a young daughter still haven’t recovered from the shock of losing their family member, it will not only undermine the honor of the deceased who has lost his life unfairly, but will also leave further scars on the bereaved family members’ hearts.

Taking this into account, we earnestly request people to refrain from writing or reporting on this case as an inheritance dispute between the assailants and the deceased. We thank the prosecutors for their hard work in finding out the truth.

Following the tragic death of the actress’s husband, Song Sun Mi’s agency had previously released a statement clarifying incorrect information published by the media and asking people to refrain from making speculations.

The statement isn't anything new, but it did confirm a few things (mostly the inheritance dispute)

Source: Soompi via Naver
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