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The Return of Superman Ep 203

This week’s episode of The Return of Superman is titled, “Bringing Warmth to One Another”. Ki Taeyoung and Rohui visit the hair salon to change up Rohui’s hairstyle. He tries his best to learn how to do different hairstyles for Rohui. Seoeon and Seojun spend time delivering rice cakes to people they are thankful for, and Victor and Jane spend time together at the ice rink.

I was gonna say how grown up the twins have gotten, but then the part with the baseballs came on lol. Hwijae should really invest in some collector cases. Rohui gets a cute new hairstyle. Also, that pink gingham romper with big pink bow was a LOOK...and I want it. Sian's first girlfriend comes over to visit (although I feel they say "first girlfriend" and "first date" with Sian like 4 times a year). Seola is scary lol! Sua remaining unaffected at being called a hippo and offering to finish up Sian's food was so awesome! As someone who works in an office with a shared copy machine, I tensed up so hard when I say Seungjae in the office. Jane tours Moscow with her dad. She's so sweet.

source: KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman

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