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Jine officially leaves Oh My Girl and WM

Oh My Girl member JinE has left the group following a long period of struggles with her health.

JinE has been on hiatus from Oh My Girl’s promotions since last August as she focuses on treatment for anorexia nervosa.

On October 30, Oh My Girl’s agency WM Entertainment announced that her exclusive contract with the company has now been canceled and she has left the group. Oh My Girl will now be a seven-member group.

Read the full statement:

“Hello. This is WM Entertainment.

“First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who treasure and love Oh My Girl.

“Oh My Girl member JinE has halted all activities for more than a year due to her health issues.

“During that time, the other members and our agency have been considering her recovery as the most important thing and awaiting her improvement.

“However, after long discussion, we have decided to respect JinE’s opinion, who not only has physical issues but also wants to find a new path.

“We inform you that the company’s exclusive contract with JinE has been canceled.

“We ask you to keep showing love and support to JinE, who is going forward toward a new dream, and Oh My Girl who will now be active as seven members."

Source: naver, via Soompi.
Not surprising. I'm glad she's choosing her own health but I'm still sad.
Tags: ex-group members, health, oh my girl, wm entertainment

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