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OH MY GIRL is having a comeback (!), date set for mid-to-late november

On October 31st it was revealed by insiders that Oh My Girl will be making their comeback sometime in either Mid to Late November with a new mini-album. This will be their first comeback in 7 months from their 5th mini album COLORING BOOK which was released in April.

On October 30th WM officially made the announcement that member JinE will be leaving the group and has terminated her contract with WM after going on hiatus from August 2016 after health concerns in regards to anorexia.

JinE posted in Oh My Girl’s Fancafe [aside, if anyone wants to read JinE's letter, it's translated here] stating that and it was difficult for her endure both through her health and mentality, after pondering on the decisions for a long time she decided ultimately to make the choice and will still continue to support Oh My Girl.

Oh My Girl will be officially promoting as a 7-member group after JinE’s departure and will be joining the lineup of idol comebacks expected in November. ... Oh My Girl has been able to secure presence with their fans with their fresh charms, garnering more competitions within the idols this upcoming November.


are you ready for an OH MY GIRL comeback, omona? i hope jinyoung does the title track but i'll be excited, ready for it, etc, anyway. i read jine's letter last night ;; it was really sweet

SOURCE(s): naver (translation via balloon_wanted@twitter); omg's fancafe (translation via _OMG_tweets@twitter)
Tags: comebacks, oh my girl

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