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Taeyeon accident pt.47, Special Treatment Clarification via TaxiDriver,FireStation(again),Paramedics

Taxi Driver was interviewed by Dispatch:

Taxi Driver: “(The paramedic) told me to go and get treated but I didn’t go. I had to (deal with the accident)”

Interviewer: “(Taeyeon tapped on your shoulder…)”

Taxi Driver: “That’s not true. Who’s playing/joking."

They were asking him in regards to the “victim’s” SNS post that accused Taeyeon of tapping on the taxi driver’s shoulder as though they’re subordinates. The taxi driver said nothing of that sort even happened.

The taxi driver victim also said that there was no issue with Taeyeon’s behaviour.

Dispatched Rescue Member - “While I was checking Taeyeon's condition, the other crew members were also checking the conditions of the other patients. Taeyeon did not even get on the ambulance. She did not even get close/near to it."

Gangnam Fire Station:
When the paramedics get to the scene, they classify the patient(s). That means that they put the person that needs urgent help first. The other people said they had back pains and such, while Taeyeon complained of chest pains. We felt that was priority so we tried to transfer her first.
When we were done handling the accident, Taeyeon said she would go to the hospital on her own. She did not get in the ambulance. Then, another ambulance came and the two passengers in the taxi and the Audi driver were taken into separate vehicles to the hospital.

There cannot be special treatment. We did not try to transfer her to hospital first because she was a celebrity. It’s because she complained of chest pains. It was an emergency situation that needed to be handled first. In the position of an emergency worker, there aren’t ordinary people and celebrities. Even if it wasn’t Taeyeon, if a public citizen said they had chest pains, we would have made it so they were transferred first. There’s a limited number of paramedics. Because we have to get the urgent patients in the ambulance first, the situation seems to have gone the way it did. We aren’t sure how this [information] was delivered for there to be a controversy about special celebrity treatment. We don’t have any reason to do that.

“Although we did not transfer Taeyeon to the hospital using the ambulance, even if she is the first to be transported, it is not a “celebrity preference”. Do paramedics who deal with human life give preference to famous celebrities? That would be unfavorable. One more important thing is that there is no concept of an attacker or a victim in the “first aid” on an accident scene. It’s the same human life. It’s not about taking care of the “unfair victim”, but “the person with the most serious injury” is given priority."
"She said her chest hurt from the airbag deploying. She told us to check/take care of the others if they're hurt, saying she's fine."

역시 일관되게 주장하고 있음

— Pisces39BK (@Pisces39BK) December 2, 2017

Translation for video above:

**Above tweet is about a article that refers to the video

Source: @Jasminelep via naver, Livy@onehallyu via naver 1 naver 2,@erika_kim via @Pisces39BK , @seoulsoul39 via naver
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