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IU Wins 1st Album of the Year at MMA's

Korea's 'Little Sister' Lee Ji Eun, better known by her stage name IU, won her first Daesang for Album of the Year at Saturday night's 2017 Melon Music Awards. She also took home a Top 10 Award and Best Song Writer.

During the evening she performed two of the songs from her hit album Palette, Through the Night and Dear Name. Dear Name was performed as a collaborative stage with newly debuted singers all of whom had been debuted for less than 1 month, and created a choir of 60 people. The performance also showcased their names on screen during the performance in keeping with IU's desire for the song to create the 'name' as the main character of the song. You can see the full performances from the evening in the video above.

2017 MMAs were the singer songwriters first award show in three years making it a significant event for many fans. During her speeches she thanked her fans (uaenas), fellow songwriters and collaboration partners, her friends (especially Yoo Inna) and family and even mentions her first song writing experience for another singer, Cherry B, and urges the viewers to check out the song.

[[ENG SUB] IUs Best Song Writer Award Acceptance Speech 2017 MMAs]

[[ENG SUB] IU wins Album of the Year for Pallete MMA 2017]

SOURCE: 17D, Soompi [2], IU teamstarcandy [2]
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