10:20 pm - 12/06/2017

[OMONA DISCUSSION] Predictions for 2017: the reveal + share your predictions for 2018!

Last December, I asked you guys in one of our OMONA discussion posts to take a look at your crystal balls and predict what would go down in K-Pop 2017. One year and many ups & downs later we're here to look back at the past 12 months. Time sure flies by so fast! Let's see which predictions came true, partly true, or not true at all. (Spoiler: We should become psychics!)
Also, share your predictions for 2018 in the comments below!


  • BTS will put out a repackage of Wings, and a new EP later in the year. 2017 gave us the repackage called YOU NEVER WALK ALONE and their american debut album a new album called LOVE YOURSELF 承 HER.

  • Big Soshi release around their 10th anni in August. The queens of K-Pop blessed us with their (most likely) last comeback ever this year with Holiday to Remember which was terribly mismanaged by SM and ended with 3 of them leaving FUCK YOU SM YOU HAD ONE JOB NO XOXO A BITTER SOSHI STAN.

  • Girl's Day will finally have that comeback they've been pushing back for like a year. The girls delivered with their smash hit I'll Be Yours.

  • T-ara will have a successful comeback. Check! The girls came back with What's My Name and even got their first music show win after 5 long years!

  • Red Velvet will continue to slay while being mistreated and unpromoted. I don't know about the unpromoted and mistreated part, but 2017 was definitely their year with not one, not two but three songs that all proved to be hits!

  • OMG Jine will officially leave the group.

  • Rainbow Jisook will have a solo debut. Sis debuted with the help of BTOB's Ilhoon and released her solo song Baesisi.

  • BTS grow even bigger and get some more western recognition. Too lazy to link all the posts about their american advancement, just check their tag for references.

  • Seohyun will debut as a solo singer. SM did not say no and let her release one flawless mini album.

  • Plediz Girls will finally debut. Who iz Plediz Girls, I only know Pristin.

  • IU will have a comeback. Not only one but two!

  • Taemin will have a solo comeback. He did and got us all move-ing.


  • Even with I.O.I. disbanded, we will hear plenty from Somi in 2017. She was on Sister's Slam Dunk and Idol Drama Operation Team, did some hosting gigs and got featured on Eric Nam's single You, Who? and Jun.K's single Nov to Feb, but we're still waiting for her official debut date.

  • Super Junior, minus Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, will release a new song at the end of the year. The lads did come back with their new song Black Suit just a few weeks ago. Not only were Kyuhyun and Ryeowook missing, but both Siwon and Kangin were sitting out as well after their respective scandals.

  • Nine Muses will either add on more members (again) or Sungah will peace out and it'll just be the subunit. The group didn't add more members but Sungah decided to focus on her DJing, thus not making it to the groups two comebacks this year.

  • CL will continue to flop in the US. The good sis was featured on Lil Yachty's song Surrender and recorded a song titled No Better Feelin' for the My Little Pony soundtrack. Is this still flopping? If you ask me: Yes. But I can't put her on the TRUE list because I don't wanna make slutdrop cry.


  • EXO will shrink to 8 members, but Lay will stay. No exodus this year. Boo!

  • Spica will finally have an album. Didn't happen, instead the girls disbandment.

  • Produce 101 2.0 will be a flop. Such flop, much sad.

  • F(x) will have a comeback. Hahahahahahahahahaha. No.

  • D.O will leave EXO or pull a Kibum. I'm sure he would love to jump ship but as of today, he's still a member of EXO.

  • Onew will have a solo debut. No. Even if: Keep it.

  • Krystal will have a solo debut. Hahahahahahahahahaha. No. [2]

  • OMG hits big. Still flops.

  • Wonder Girls renew their contracts with JYPE. Yeah, that didn't happen.

  • Let's end this post with wise words of the great Tao:
adenar 6th-Dec-2017 11:47 pm (UTC)
After School's Kaeun will be on PD101-3, has a vaguely successful run but nothing compared to the Pledis successes on the programme previously, then gets a solo debut
There will be a new girl group that goes viral and rises back up the charts 2-3 months after the song's released
An EXID subunit releases an official single
my nugu loves of girlsgirls officialy disbands :( but miso keeps trucking!
Unpretty Rapstar returns. It's still bad.
a VIXX solo debut
Euna & Suji debut as a duo (maybe with one other popular ex-group member from The Unit as a trio)
IA with the poster who said Cosmic Girls' first win! I can feel it in my bone(charm)s
Kyla returns after losing a lot of weight, gains a lot of attention for it, was probably Pledis' plan all along :/
Minzy comes back with a strong ballad, it's a hit (take my advice minzy it'll work!!!)
That CL x Minzy comeback clash that we all thought was going to happen when Minzy debuted will finally happen. CL predictably has more commercial success but they both do well, their fans lose out for not liking both.
Fiestar quietly disbands
gugudan first win
Two ex-gg members previously from two different major agencies (i.e SM & YG, SM & JYP, etc) collab, top the charts for weeks, everyone who planned comebacks and debuts at the same time as them cries themselves to sleep at night.
(no subject) - Anonymous
adenar 7th-Dec-2017 07:01 am (UTC)
Idk man, I never thought Minzy and CL were that close, I think we'll just get some cordial 'good luck' kind of moments.

And yeah I do, when I happen to stumble into other pockets of kpop fandom. I just think they're quieter these days because there's no immediate drama. I think if it happens, it'll push more people into the 'wow this is bullshit they're both great fuck u yg' camp but it'll also cause the currently less vocal akgae stans to come out in droves
mewgical 7th-Dec-2017 03:14 am (UTC)
I know it's bad but I kinda want more Unpretty Rapstar.

Kyla returns after losing a lot of weight, gains a lot of attention for it, was probably Pledis' plan all along :/

Don't will this into being. That shit stain youtuber will take credit for it and gloat forever about it.
adenar 7th-Dec-2017 07:20 pm (UTC)
I really dgaf about random youtubers and I wish the wider kpop fandom didn't either
(I know that comes across pretty aggressive, it's not directed at you)

Also me too but I don't trust mnet not to ruin it again with their shitty editing and repeated cuts. Series 3 was basically a parody of itself
mewgical 7th-Dec-2017 07:49 pm (UTC)
No IA. I wish Army would stop going around shoving BTS in thier face so they have click bate content. But I just really don't want hear that troll say "oh look Kyla is so much happier now, see I was right" sort of thing.

True. I don't think I finished all of s3 tbh. I feel like they will focus more on their crappy produce 101 stuff. I'd love for it to come back and have Lisa from Blackpink on it.
petecarl 7th-Dec-2017 07:29 am (UTC)
Fiestar quietly disbands

TT.TT NOOOOOOOOOOO. I felt like they were finally going somewhere with the success of Unpretty and WGM, but then they released that awful apple song that no one paid attention to.
adenar 7th-Dec-2017 07:22 pm (UTC)
I loved (and still do love) Apple Pie lmao but it was so the wrong song for them

I with they'd kept with their fun One More concept instead of the dark sexy concepts, they needed something more upbeat imo. I know the scandal during One More probably spooked their agency but that was really their best era imo
petecarl 7th-Dec-2017 07:58 pm (UTC)
what was the scandal during One More? I was still pretty new to kpop then, so I don't recall it.
adenar 7th-Dec-2017 10:59 pm (UTC)
It's one of my favourite scandals, except the part where fiestar got a lot of hate

The lyrics to 'One More' initially passed censorship but viewers complained that the lyrics contained overt references to threesomes, they had to rewrite the broadcast lyrics halfway through promos, got a lot of hate for it. The compant claimed the lyrics are about chatrooms but I lowkey think they're actually about threesomes. Here's the omona post about it.
petecarl 8th-Dec-2017 12:29 am (UTC)
aww, they didn't deserve hate for that, but yeah, it's pretty obvious what it's alluding to.

hitthoselightz 7th-Dec-2017 06:49 pm (UTC)
fiestar disbands

lol i think so too
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