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Zion.T Variety Roundup - Snowy Day Playlist, Fun w/ His BFF, & Let's Eat Dinner Together

1theK's Star Playlist
Zion.T sings, dances, and tells anecdotes as he picks songs from a mix of his own favourites & fan suggestions for 1theK's Star Playlist for a snowy day.

Pikicast's After Mom Sleeps
After Mom Sleeps gives us more of Zion.T & his childhood friend, bodybuilder Jang Sungyeop previously featured in his episode of I Live Alone, as they eat & chat without waking the Mom on the couch...yeah idk either, but there's a lot of giggling and fun penalties.

Let's Eat Dinner Together
As more and more people are getting used to eating dinner alone, Kang Ho-dong and Lee Kyung-kyu visit ordinary Korean families at dinner time and share their lives as they eat dinner together. Episode 59 also features Lee Juck.

Watch at ondemandkorea // openload // azvideo // streamango

Source: 1theK | 피키픽처스 Piki Pictures | LEDT gif by yooneroos | OP note gif by moi

There's so much Zion.T content rn!! I love how animated he gets when he talks about music, he was SO HYPE for Mariah. ♡♡
I'm SO HAPPY we got more of the incredible Haesol/Sungyeop friendship, had tears in my eyes laughing at that finger flick penalty "this can be my last song" "fans will remember you". Give them their own variety series.

What would be on your snowy day playlist, Omona?
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