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"Just Between Lovers" teasers

In Just Between Lovers, JTBC’s new melodrama, Junho and Won Jin-ah’s characters are bound together through tragedy, both having miraculously survived a horrible accident that claimed the lives of their family members, and to an extent, their futures. Kang-doo, played by Junho, lives a rough life in the back streets after losing his father and his dream of becoming a soccer athlete. He seems a bit hot-headed, getting into fights regularly, even when the odds aren’t in his favor.  Moon-soo, played by Won Jin-ah, holds a similar pain to Kang-doo, having lost her younger sister to what looks like a major accident, but Moon-soo doesn’t wear her scars on her sleeve.

Kang Hanna and Lee Ki-woo’s characters are colleagues at the architecture firm where Moon-soo works. They also have a shared history, perhaps a relationship that ended badly. She asks whether he would’ve acted differently, to which he replies, “I would’ve stayed, despite everything.” Out of them all, though, Kang-doo sounds the most jaded, asking who will compensate for the suffering of those who have lived miserable lives, and that you have to be crazy to live in this world. Maybe he got it from Yoon Se-ah, who has become his only family after the accident, and though we don’t get to see her in the teasers, we can hear her say that it’s the “weak ones that will get all excited over the trivial things.”

Just Between Lovers premieres on Monday, December 11 and kicks off a new M/T drama time slot on JTBC.

Sources: Viki Global TV 1 2 | Dramabeans/iMBC 1 2 | JTBC Drama | @kdrama_news | @TheDramaKorea

This is gonna be melo as hell, but I'll definitely watch for my boy Junho.
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