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Kim Minsung (formerly Hansol of Topp Dogg) talks queer

Kim Minsung (who previously came out as asexual) posted to his Instagram:

I think that Korea isn’t very familiar with queer. People who have many queer identities are hiding, fighting, and not caring. Despite such facts, there are a lot of people who want to erase their existence.
People love people, it’s very unfortunate to have to receive consent from others, social abbreviations are made and torn down for different reasons. I actually don’t need to post my subject officially but I will now carefully pass along my thoughts. In my chaotic past, I did not think the word “queer” existed in this world. I wondered how good the love of the world would be if queer wasn’t a word and it was free under “law”. It was difficult; a lot of people were curious about my queer identity, 사람들과 다른 자신을 원망하는 소리와 함께 저에게서부터 답을 찾고자 I wanted to write a post to give courage to those who asked. I talk a lot about the world not having the correct answer. Yes, that’s right. To me, too, honestly, aromantic & asexual do not truly define the status of my identity. I decided to never confine to what others saw me as (cr). I do not ignore my important identity, I do not let those who hate me for my sexuality hurt me. Yes. “I’m not attracted to the opposite sex. Yet not the same sex. I didn’t bother to date. I hate sex very very much” is me now and that is actually fun and good. Have strength. There are people like me that are also living a fun life.
Do not tilt your ear to their words. You are the most important, you are special.

(T/N: This is a photo of the California wildfires by Noah Berge)

sources: Kim Minsung's ig, translation via kimminsunginsta tumblr

*psst* maybe donate to minsung's gofundme if you're so inclined
Tags: ex-group members, lgbt / rights, social media
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