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Former U-Kiss Members Xander & Dongho Reunite!

Yup! The reunion is real! Had a FUN weekend with our maknae Dongho!
Was really glad to see our baby boy matured so much. I must say, I still can’t believe he’s a father~ haha~ Still so young and fresh!
Had a great time catching up and talking about the past. Yea, talked about so much 💩 too.😏😂 But it felt like just yesterday with all the sweet memories from the past. Super nostalgic.😌 But well, we are both satisfied with where we are now so that makes us really happy.
Who said separate paths would separate us? Hope we meet up again very soon. Perhaps with other members too? Well, let’s see if it’s fate. :)
Let’s continue to work HARD! FIGHTING!!
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If anyone is curious about the "Junho" reference, it's a character Alexander plays in this Flipino drama called 'My Korean Jagiya'

Source: @xander0729
Tags: ex-group members, u-kiss
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