7:16 am - 12/18/2017

[Breaking News] SHINee’s Jonghyun Has Passed Away; Police and SM Confirm

Police have confirmed that SHINee’s Jonghyun (27) has passed away, and are currently investigating the singer’s death.

According to the police and fire department, Jonghyun was found unconscious in a residence on December 18 at approximately 6:45 p.m. KST. Emergency responders performed CPR and the singer was immediately rushed to the hospital, but in the end, Jonghyun was unable to be revived and was pronounced dead.

The police arrived at the scene at a report of disappearance filed by Jonghyun’s older sister, who reportedly received a final text from Jonghyun that led her to believe he would be attempting suicide.

At the residence, which, according to a source, was not Jonghyun’s own home but a place he had reserved for two nights, police found what appears to be burned coal, leading them to suspect the death was by suicide. However, police are still investigating the matter and have not confirmed the cause of death.

Jonghyun’s agency, SM Entertainment, reportedly cannot be reached at the moment.


Source: Soompi, 1, 2, 3, 4, SonexStella

I'm stunned and numb with disbelief.  I didn't want to believe it when I saw a mutual mention it on tumblr, and though someone was just playing some kind of sick joke, until I saw tons of news outlets confirming the information when I searched for it.

Edit OP note: I removed the text that Jongyun sent his sister, once it was pointed out that that shouldn't be something that gets spread around.  I'm sorry that I didn't realize that originally, and I apologize if it upset anyone further.

Edit OP note #2: This is a post from tumblr that I have seen circulating, please please please if you are suffering or if you are thinking about harming yourself, or if everything just seems like it's too much, or you just need someone to talk to, reach out to someone.  If you do not see your country listed here, please leave information in the comments and I will update.  Throwing this under an LJ cut because the list is long.

  • Depression Hotline:1-630-482-9696

  • Suicide Hotline:1-800-784-8433

  • LifeLine:1-800-273-8255

  • Trevor Project:1-866-488-7386

  • Sexuality Support:1-800-246-7743

  • Eating Disorders Hotline:1-847-831-3438

  • Rape and Sexual Assault:1-800-656-4673

  • Grief Support:1-650-321-5272

  • Runaway:1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000

  • Exhale:After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253

  • Child Abuse:1-800-422-4453

  • UK Helplines:

  • Samaritans (for any problem):08457909090 e-mail jo@samaritans.org

  • Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem):08001111

  • Mind infoline (mental health information):0300 123 3393 e-mail: info@mind.org.uk

  • Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice):0300 466 6463 legal@mind.org.uk

  • b-eat eating disorder support:0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail: help@b-eat.co.uk

  • b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders):08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)

  • Cruse Bereavement Care:08444779400 e-mail: helpline@cruse.org.uk

  • Frank (information and advice on drugs):0800776600

  • Drinkline:0800 9178282

  • Rape Crisis England & Wales:0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail info@rapecrisis.org.uk

  • Rape Crisis Scotland:08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight

  • India Self Harm Hotline:00 08001006614

  • India Suicide Helpline:022-27546669

  • Kids Help Phone (Canada):1-800-668-6868, Free and available 24/7

  • suicide hotlines;

  • Argentina:54-0223-493-0430

  • Australia:13-11-14

  • Austria:01-713-3374

  • Barbados:429-9999

  • Belgium:106

  • Botswana:391-1270

  • Brazil:21-233-9191

  • China:852-2382-0000

  • (Hong Kong:2389-2222)

  • Costa Rica:606-253-5439

  • Croatia:01-4833-888

  • Cyprus:357-77-77-72-67

  • Czech Republic:222-580-697, 476-701-908

  • Denmark:70-201-201

  • Egypt:762-1602

  • Estonia:6-558-088

  • Finland:040-5032199

  • France:01-45-39-4000

  • Germany:0800-181-0721

  • Greece:1018

  • Guatemala:502-234-1239

  • Holland:0900-0767

  • Honduras:504-237-3623

  • Hungary:06-80-820-111

  • Iceland:44-0-8457-90-90-90

  • India:022 2754 6669

  • Israel:09-8892333

  • Italy:06-705-4444

  • Japan:3-5286-9090

  • Latvia:6722-2922, 2772-2292

  • Malaysia:03-756-8144

  • (Singapore:1-800-221-4444)

  • Mexico:525-510-2550

  • Netherlands:0900-0767

  • New Zealand:4-473-9739

  • New Guinea:675-326-0011

  • Nicaragua:505-268-6171

  • Norway:47-815-33-300

  • Philippines:02-896-9191

  • Poland:52-70-000

  • Portugal:239-72-10-10

  • Russia:8-20-222-82-10

  • Spain:91-459-00-50

  • South Africa:0861-322-322

  • South Korea:2-715-8600

  • Sweden:031-711-2400

  • Switzerland:143

  • Taiwan:0800-788-995

  • Thailand:02-249-9977

  • Trinidad and Tobago:868-645-2800

  • Ukraine:0487-327715

bea_chan22 18th-Dec-2017 01:26 pm (UTC)
This is just so hard to take. I hope all the people around him get love and support that they need.

Rest well, Jjong. Your presence will be sorely missed.

PS: Fuck people that put down his illness just because he has fame and money... rme.

Edited at 2017-12-18 01:34 pm (UTC)
purified_dirt 18th-Dec-2017 02:35 pm (UTC)
PS: Fuck people that put down his illness just because he has fame and money... rme.

^ THIS! My sis and I were following the reports as they were breaking and praying fervently that they weren't true, when my mum asked us what we were reading so we filled her in (even mentioning that he has been battling depression for years) and the first thing she said was: oh was he the leader of SHINee? Must have been because of the scandals. Maybe he's stressed that SHINee's not as famous anymore. And my aunt added: but they've got so much money! It's probably because he was under tremendous stress and decided to commit suicide.

I just couldn't even be in the same room as them because that was so infuriating. I really wanted to tell them that mental illness is not a fucking myth but I couldn't because I knew that once I did, I'd be a sobbing mess. I can't process his death. He was the one who got me into kpop and I just hope that Jonghyun's at peace now... <3

(sorry for hijacking your comment and for the rant, bb.)
chikage_chan 18th-Dec-2017 02:46 pm (UTC)
Mte on your comment about other people were so insensitive about it.
My mom found me bawling on my bed and asked what was wrong, and as soon as I told her she mentioned how famous people had it easy and brushed off his depression. I was so mad and could only answer “it’s because of this way of thinking that people fucking die”.

Then she proceeded to try and tell me that my feelings of sadness were stupid. I don’t want to fight during the holidays, so I just ignored it, but if she knew how many times shinee has saved me from dark times, she would not be saying this shit.

Sorry for the rant, I’m on the anger phase of grief rn

purified_dirt 18th-Dec-2017 03:13 pm (UTC)
No worries bb <3 I'm sorry your mum thought your feelings were stupid. Take your time to process this news and I'm here if you want to talk <3
chikage_chan 19th-Dec-2017 12:36 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I got out of my house today and met with a great friend that was also mourning him. I can’t say we are both okay yet, but at least it was good to have someone to grieve together with. I’m also here if you need! <3
bea_chan22 18th-Dec-2017 03:53 pm (UTC)
Oh no, it's okay.

And yikes @ the comment. Depression can take the fun out of things that someone likes. It makes you feel worthless regardless of your status.

My heart still aches of this reality of Jjong permanently gone.
purified_dirt 18th-Dec-2017 04:03 pm (UTC)
MTE. Sending hugs your way bb <3
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