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Letters for Jonghyun: BoA, Yesung, Taeyeon, Key, Amber, Sooyoung

Many of Jonghyun's labelmates have spoken up about his death for the first time, posting letters to him on their social media.


To Jonghyun who would always come to my waiting room whenever I had a performance… why did we always just talk about work when we greeted each other during our short meetings.. Why did we only think about how we could do our jobs better.. rather than how we were living.. As a friend and a senior artist to you.. it is so hard to send you away as I think about how I was really lacking.
I couldn’t believe that even though I was in the same place as you today, I couldn’t see you. You should have told me, even if it was just once.. But I won’t blame you. Many people will be comforted for a long time through the beautiful lyrics and melodies you’ve left behind, and they will be remembered. Although it was short, you were the most excellent and coolest artist, Jonghyun. I hope that you’ll create and sing music that’s just for your happiness in that place. You did well.. and you worked hard. 2017.12.18 I remember you..

Yesung (posted the memorial image for Jonghyun from SHINee’s account, with Jonghyun’s solo song “Y Si Fuera Ella”, the lyrics of the song tell the story of someone who is reluctant to say goodbye to a loved one):


Sleep well, our Jonghyun. You worked hard today too. This is a photo of us with our makeup on from when we said we’d take a photo when we both looked pretty. The day we sang ‘Lonely,’ when we were both wearing pink.


Because of you, I was able to laugh. Because of your advice, I could dry my tears. And because of your courage, I could gain courage. When I was embarrassed, you didn’t judge me. You tried your best to understand my imperfect Korean, and you embraced me. When people joked that you and I were twins, I was honestly really proud because I wanted to become a great person like you…thank you. I’m so thankful I was able to be your dongsaeng [little sister]. I will become an ‘Amber’ that you can be proud of. Jjong, you did well. I love you.


I was so proud that the voice I heard next door in the basement practice room eventually became a voice that filled up a huge concert stadium. You worked really hard. That day when you were sitting across from me, my eyes were set on you for a long time. I didn’t want to act like a sunbae who knew everything, so I didn’t really say anything to you…but I should have. I was always amazed by you, and I was also envious and shy. You were precious to all of us and it’s regretful that you’re gone, but what more can I say. You did well, and you worked really hard.


To my beloved Jonghyun hyung,
Hyung. It’s Ki Bum~ I sent you off today and even saw your face yesterday, but I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry I went to you so late because of work, and I’m sorry for not being a source of strength to you when you were lonely. You and I were the two most stubborn members in our group, so we had to do everything we wanted to do. But you did everything you wanted and in the end, you made the decision and you left first…it was really hard at first, but after spending time with only you for the past three days, I think I might understand how you felt. Don’t be too worried that you left before us. I will respect and look after your mom and sister like my own family. I’ll miss you for a really long time. I’m worried because the person who always took my side at meetings is now gone. You and I talked the most during meetings…but now I’ll have to get used to not having you here.
I’m going to try living a better life, too. When I get older and we meet again, tell me I did well! Jonghyun hyung, you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me. You did well, and I love you so much!

sources: soompi 1, 2, 3, instagram @boakwon, @yesung1106, @taeyeon_ss, @ajol_llama, @hotsootuff, @bumkeyk
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