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Yoon Son Ha’s Agency Responds To Rumors Of Her & Son Moving To Canada Following Bullying Controversy

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Yoon Son Ha’s agency CL&COMPANY addressed rumors of the actress moving to Canada with her son following his bullying controversy this past June.

According to rumors, Yoon Son Ha was said to be emigrating to Canada with her family and has already finished going through the legal processes of emigration. The reason for this was because her son wasn’t able to have a normal school life after his bullying controversy.

A source close to Yoon Son Ha said, “There’s a side of [the bullying controversy] that was exaggerated. [Yoon So Ha] is very hurt from the indiscriminate criticism. The children who were in the same class as her son know about his personality and the incident, so they don’t see him strangely anymore. However, he’s having a hard time because of the rude remarks and contemptuous looks from the other children who heard about the incident.”

The source added, “Yoon Son Ha is also heartbroken about this. It seems like she has no more lingering attachment to the entertainment world.

However, in regards to the rumors, Yoon Son Ha’s agency stated, “It’s true that she’s going to Canada with her son for personal reasons, but she’s not thinking of moving [there]. Because it’s for personal reasons, it’s difficult to reveal an exact statement about this. We’re aware of the many stories going around about how she’s going to settle down in Canada, but they’re not true. We ask that you refrain from speculative reports and malicious comments.”

For those not familiar with this controversy, I'd suggest reading the first two posts to understand the issue at hand. It'll all make sense eventually.

Sources: Naver & Nate via Soompi
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