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Block B’s P.O Touches On His Acting Debut In “Degree of Love” And Acting Style

Block B’s P.O discussed his acting debut in “Degree of Love” in a recent pictorial.

P.O shared how he came to star in the drama, explaining, “I was active in musicals, and instead of taking my company’s offers for dramas, I first asked to participate in auditions. You are limited if you only take roles that are offered, and I also wanted to experience the challenges my musical friends faced. That way I could also share the same concerns as my friends.”

P.O also revealed the feedback he received from his “Degree of Love” co-stars following the end of the drama. He chose the most memorable comments, saying, “Sim Hee Sub [said] ‘I like your acting style,’ Lee Kang Min [said] ‘I think I experienced the different air that comes from people who grew up with love, like you,’ and Yang Se Jong [said] ‘It was good because I felt [your] consideration while acting with you.'”

After “Degree of Love,” P.O has been busy as the leader of “Boy,” a theater production he made with his high school friends. P.O revealed his affection and responsibility for the work, sharing, “We do everything ourselves from the play to the stage production. I can’t explain in words the feeling of [seeing] something you’ve only imagined become a reality. My friends and I teared up before going up for our first performance. I feel that we are really doing enjoyable work every time.” P.O also added, “I’m planning a long-term performance next spring, so please look forward to it,” raising anticipation for his future activities.

25-year-old P.O touched on his role model as well, saying, “I want to be a person who knows how to love and also receive love, someone who doesn’t make only himself happy, but also those around them happy.”

The rest of P.O’s pictorial and interview can be found in the January 2018 issue of InStyle.

Source: Soompi, Naver

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