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Yubin teases her solo debut in fan chat #Yubin2018

hi_yubin 오늘 너무 즐거웠어용😁 15명밖에 초대 못해서 미안해용😣 대신 우리 내년엔 자주 보구 이런 자리두 많이 가져요!! 2017년 한 해 마무리 잘하구 히힣😁☺️😜 good night!!🌃

Yesterday Yubin chatted with 15 lucky fans in which she revealed her plans to debut early next year!

It seems like she's also involved in the making of her title track but I haven't seen any translations that said whether she'll drop an album too (I sure hope she does).

Yubdot uploaded the entire fan chat on youtube so if you understand korean you can read it here:

sources: hi_yubin | yubdot (1) (2) | nyssnisacha | YEJINNIES
I'm so excited. She wrote some of my favorite songs for Reboot and Wonder World. It's gonna be a good year for us Wonderfuls with Sunmi coming back in January, Yeeun working on an album and Yubin's solo debut. Hopefully we'll see Lim writing some new songs too!
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