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G.O.D might release a 20 year anniversary album

According to insiders, G.O.D members met to celebrate the new year and discuss a possible 20th-anniversary album. However, further details, such as a release schedule, have not been set, it is somewhat significant for the K-pop industry to see this legendary group once again. The group attracted a lot of attention in 2014 when they announced a reunion for their 15-year anniversary. Further, a 20-year anniversary will likely gain even more attention.

Last year in an interview Kim Tae Woo said, “Next year is the 20th anniversary of G.O.D’s debut next year. So, I am planning something big.” This comment attracted attention and expectation that the group would do something special to commemorate the event.

G.O.D made their debut in 1999, which means that their 20th anniversary is next year. However, the members contend that this year marks the conception of the group. Accordingly, the members of G.O.D are planning to present special gifts to their fans who have continued to give them support throughout the years.

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source: KPopLove via Naver
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