9:59 pm - 01/30/2018

[OMONA Exclusive] Review of KPOPKNIGHT concert in London

At the beginning of January, a MX fan account posted news about the group, alongside Tahiti, Seven O'Clock and Se7en, would be attending some new festival-type thing held in London, which of course sent European Monbebes (OP included) into a frenzy only to realise a few minutes later that everything about the show read scam. With only 3 weeks notice and some severely overpriced tickets for none other than the SSE Wembley Arena (that seats 12.000 people!) it was bound to be a mess.

Now that the concert came and went and the whole thing blew up on social media among fans, what actually happened out there?

Sims Entertainment/Double OK Entertainment announced KPOPKNIGHT, a new KPOP event, at the beginning of January, giving fans less than a month's notice. Because of the unknown reputation of the organisers and the lack of information, fans rightfully believed it to be a scam. Se7en's SNS was the only one who shared news of him attending the event and the SSE Arena denied there being any sort of even booked for the January 27th evening. At this point, the early bird tickets on offer were going for £120. Panic.

Fans mass emailed the organisers trying to get more information. The organisers replied back only to say this is not a scam and kept deleting comments off their Facebook page implying they were (which ofc is the first thing a scammer would say, so until further notice everyone was still panicking). Other fans who bought tickets right away started worrying about refunds. However, the organisers apparently refunded everyone who asked for it swiftly.

A couple of days later, Monsta X confirmed their attendance on their official SNS and Wembley arena also confirmed the event. However, ticket sales were made through the organisers chosen vendors (tickettailor) and not through the arena's box office. At this point it was pretty clear this was happening, despite the off details. Actually, there were absolutely NO details on this event other than the lineup and the location. Early Bird tickets were on sale, but no details on future ticket prices or what the early bird even entailed were available. Fans resorted to emailing the organisers back and forth for these details, then posting them on twitter/facebook and coordinating themselves accordingly.

On the 8th, I also messaged the organiser asking for more info on early bird, specifically what perks would come with it and whether it would offer better seating, price or fast entrance. They did reply quite quickly, however, they basically answered none of the questions and instead only told me it would be the best offer they would have for tickets. So far it's still hmmmmm.... but I couldn't miss the chance the see MX in my city so tickets were bought. Then on the 10th, the rest of the tickets went on sale, with prices even more baffling than the early bird.

Fast forward to the past weekend. By this point, the organisers had not given out any other details (!!!!) The only thing on their website under news is a greeting video of MX. It was still fandom who shared whatever information they managed to get through emails. For example, at no point did they announce the electronic tickets we received would not be valid and we had to exchange them at the arena on the day. Nope, nothing. What other lies did they say?

1. They/Wembley shared that no queuing will be allowed prior to the event. However, a queue was started no less than 24 hours prior to the concert time (yes, people queued 24 hours/overnight for this mess)

2. buckleyourboots and I joined the queue around 1PM. We wanted to exchange our tickets but the organisers were on lunch (and had apparently been so for 2 hours even after they failed to open their booth at 10AM as they promised) so we waited until around 1:40 for them to come back. When we exchanged our tickets we asked when they would split the early bird/regular standing queues as they had told us (through emails) they would. They said we would be receiving wristbands for our tickets and the queues would be split later. Okay. Were they? NOPE!

3. The security at the arena were left to do all their work and they reaaaaaally hated the organisers. They didn't miss a single chance to bad mouth them. Security told us they had been trying to find out the actual lineup of the concert for a week and the organisers didn't share a single thing about it with the arena. On the day, security were left to do all the work. From watching the queue, to handing out wristbands and the early bird gifts to sharing information with us.

4. Doors were supposed to open at 6PM. At this point, the queue had only moved forward to be more compact and we had just received our wristbands. No earlybird split was made. At one point, the first 50 people in the queue were let into the arena on the basis that they had received a free meet & greet with Se7en (which was available for purchase but no one did buy). So the people were taken inside for the meeting and photos and whatever then allowed to go inside the actual concert hall. The rest of the queue started going inside at 6:30PM.

5. Before going inside, we were already hearing people talk about the organisers offering tickets for £10 after the night before they were all 50% off just to fill up the hall or some random competitions to win tickets popped up on their twitter accounts and other partner pages. I have not actually seen anyone talk about them giving the tickets away for free at the venue. Only the someone who was not an organiser offered a fan a free ticket. (do correct me if you know something else)

6. The biggest BULLSHIT though, was the organisers revealing Monsta X's hotel information to fans. They actually invited fans to go see the group as if some sort of zoo creatures, claiming they could get them photos or they could hand off their gifts to them in person. You can see more in this thread. This was the absolute most unprofessional thing for the organisers to do and nothing but shame on all the fans who did go.

7. During the concert there were several other hiccups. Tahiti performed their intro in the dark because they did not turn on the stage lights, Monsta X's microphones were barely working at one point during Shine Forever. Whoever was handling the projector was probably asleep at their job because they kept putting the wrong images on the screen when introducing a new group. When Seven O'Clock said they want to take a photo with the audience after their set, the MC ignored them and proceeded to introduce Tahiti WHILE the guys were still on stage trying to take it. There was no translator provided so the groups had to do their own translating. Generally it was all highly, highly amateurish.

8. Ticket sales were bad (although probably not as bad as some fans made it look in photos on twitter). The hall was half, if not more, curtained off. The stands were rather full and the standing was around 1/3 full. I've seen people blame the groups for not being able to fill it up, which is ridiculous since there were a lot of fans who could not afford the tickets/had no idea it was happening/it was simply too short notice. Had they gone for a smaller place and better prices, it could have been filled in just fine.

8. We were told on the day that Monsta X would have a 50 minute setlist and the concert would last until 10pm. It did not happen. Monsta X had a 25 minute setlist and the concert was done at 9PM on the clock. They didn't even get to say goodbye properly before they had to rush off the stage! The ending was so abrupt I couldn't believe it.

9. A few people with press passes who were there for interviews have shared that Monsta X had no idea there would be interviews! And despite this being sprung up on them, they were gracious enough. However, the organisers allegedly called them snobbish for refusing to do a press call. This is just another drop in a long line of them disrespecting the artists (and their headliner) they invited.

10. Upon leaving the arena, the MX van had a small accident because their driver tried to do a 180 turn on a VERY crowded/narrow street and with the members waving at the windows, nobody was doing crowd control other than fans yelling at each other to get out of the way. It was just a minor bump into a pole and tbh shouldn't even be called an accident lol

I do just want to make one thing clear. Despite all the bad things that happened on the organisational end, the acts looked like the absolutely enjoyed the concert! And I seem to really need to stress it since people on twitter are acting like it was just shit. It wasn't. Seven O'Clock were adorable. While in the queue, one fan spread out banners that we could hold up during their performance so it didn't look empty. There were only 5 of the members since their leader had just won on Mix9. They interacted a lot with the crowd and were received very well by everyone present! One member (sorry, dont remember names) talked about how much he wanted to visit the country of his music idols and was generally very cute. I'd reckon they did make new fans that evening.

Tahiti received a lot of screams as well! One member giddily noted after the first performance that she was very surprised that everyone knew their song. Member Jerry was very eloquent in maintaining the talk and they too talked and interacted a lot with the crowd. They talked about Harry Potter, football, Orlando Bloom, fish and chips, how excited they were to visit London and how they were honoured to be the only girl group invited. PS: Skip is A Song!

Se7en I don't have much to talk about tbh he also got great energy from the crowd and he milked every single second of it. He even performed a song from before a lot of the crowd was even born and it still smashed.

And finally Monsta X... As headliners of the show and the ones who brought in literally everyone there, they should have got far more than what they did. Despite that, all 7 of them looked really happy performing! They smiled a whole lot through the set, interacted with everyone (OP GOT NOTICED BY HYUNGWON ADGJFHG /DEAD). I.M did most of the talking but there are a lot of really cute moments from their ments like their fake British accents bit. They also teased they would come back for a London stop on their world tour, so they can bet their asses we're going to make sure they do! In the queue, a few monbebes organised themselves and bought cards and gifts, which we all signed and left messages on. Hopefully these made their way to the group.

[some concert bits for those interested]

Forgot to mention that earlybirds received two cosmetic products as a gift: a mini cushion and a lip&cheek tint, both by VT Cosmetics. Looking them up, they're not exactly the cheapest things (£12-£20) but the cushion came in one colour foundation and the lip product is rather clumpy on the lips. I haven't tried it as a blusher.

sorry but no tldr for y'all

BOTTOM LINE: The organisers are preparing the same concert in Bangkok, Thailand and considering another European event in Berlin or Madrid towards the end of the year. WATCH OUT for them! Hopefully companies do not collaborate with these unprofessional people any further. The one running the show was called Joshua Paik. I don't know any other names. It does help me sleep better thinking they probably lost money on this event.

sources: me, my friend with a bike (buckleyourboots), jiyongmx, sevimxmb, tiny_arietty, kangdngho, tahitisworld, @7oc_official
giriboy 30th-Jan-2018 10:19 pm (UTC)
nice post, op! glad you made one because i didn't read any of the threads mbbs were tossing on my tl

7oc guy who likes oasis is now my fave, btw... and i d*ed at all of mx water skit things, i hate them so much askjbd
adenar 30th-Jan-2018 10:20 pm (UTC)
Tahiti seemed to be having lots of fun on social media! Jerry is the biggest sweetheart, y'all should check out her youtube channel, Welcome to Jerry land! she uploads amazing song covers (a truly underrated vocalist) as well as travel vlogs from Tahiti activities.

This concert was always going to be a shitshow. I feel bad for the fans but at least the acts had fun in London!
nekobot 30th-Jan-2018 10:28 pm (UTC)
Lol to be honest I am shocked that this event even went ahead and the organizers didn't just run off with everyone's money instead! I'm sorry you had to endure this crap op, good on you for being honest about what happened and typing this all out! I hope you get to see Monsta X properly at their own concert soon, glad you enjoyed the show itself at least. Your report is giving me so many badly run K-pop event flashbacks because they all seem to be giant messes in the same way, all caused by shoddy promotion. It's disgusting how these crooks keep trying to make easy money off kids that don't even have that much to spare, especially in London where life is already expensive enough.

That being said...I really wish fans would look to themselves a bit more in trying to prevent this sort of thing from happening or at the very least make sure there are actual consequences to be had when the event doesn't deliver what they were promised. We've been having shoddily run events for YEARS now and it only seems to be getting worse because K-pop organizers now know people will spend almost any amount on anything as long as there is a precious enough name attached to it. I saw people trying to convince other fans to buy tickets when they thought it was a scam by saying "if we don't buy them people will think there is no market here and no idols will come back to perform!" and then after it happened clamoring to say "it's not Monsta X etc etc's fault! Please keep supporting them!" No of course Monsta X didn't want to fly over to play in front of an empty stadium but by all means their company deserves all the critique in the world for working with such a sketchyass amateur company that's more than happy to rinse their fan base! There is absolutely no excuse for these organizers and their terrible exploitative business practices but you have to wonder if maybe they wouldn't step up their game a bit if they weren't so sure that fans would buy tickets to these things anyway.

Btw did you catch that they only started looking for (volunteer!) translators like 4 days before the event via their Twitter that had only a handful of followers? How did they have money for 4 acts and a stadium but not for a freaking translator.

Edited at 2018-01-30 10:30 pm (UTC)
seulgibear 30th-Jan-2018 11:15 pm (UTC)
i mean, fans won't just miss a possible one in a million chance to see their faves up close considering groups very rarely come on europe dates so i disagree with saying it's also fans responsibility to not go. of course fans are gonna eat whatever stale shit is handed to them just to make sure their favourite groups don't feel unloved and the group would want to come back. mbbs were trying to organise themselves as much as possible where the companies failed so i blame a lot of people for this mess before i would ever blame the fans. like starship should have first of all been way more careful. it's baffling they just sent mx across the world to such a poorly organised event (i mean, when they announced mx is coming wembley hadn't even been booked) then the arena should have been more strict and the organisers shouldn't have been awful people.

i have seen monsta x at their own concert before and it was wonderful
nekobot 30th-Jan-2018 11:42 pm (UTC)
Of course it's on the organizers first, they seriously should not be getting away with this! Regarding the fans I mean that they should set a standard so people don't catch on to the fact that they'll take -anything- because that's why there are so many scam artists coming in. For examplen this case the fact that everyone only had 2 weeks to get a ticket, it's so unfair towards fans that don't have money saved or are worried about being scammed and I don't like the idea that they will get shamed into spending money they don't have to support their group just because someone is keen to exploit the rarity of K-pop events. It was obvious from the start that they weren't going to get a full house so the "we need to make sure they don't play to an empty room" splan was never going to happen.

I was also referring to cases like that K-pop festival in Germany where the organizer was completely new, but fans still bought tickets and...it got cancelled last minute and the people behind the event ran off with the money. Same with that TGM mess. It's the norm at this point. These London dudes set up their own ticketing site and could have easily gone off with people's money if the event had actually fallen through and as much as I understand being desperate to see your fav group people should not be handing over money through dodgy means like that (idk if you remember but that BTS TGM tour did something similar by selling t-shirts instead of tickets). I've seen so little actual consequences for these dodgy K-pop organizers and that really is something fans need to work on - why would they bother to deliver on anything if they can just do the bare minimum and run off with the money anyway? Or that meet and greet, it was several hundred quid before they started handing those out for free, wasn't it? The people that paid should get their money back.

But yeah don't get me wrong, I always blame the organizers and companies willing to work with them first! I'm just so sick of almost every single event here being an absolute shambles that I'm wondering if we're just not doing enough on the consumer end to actually make them step up their game. You know if these scammer guys brought over EXO or something people would still be lining up to give them their money no questions asked.
juhli 30th-Jan-2018 11:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the detailed run-down op!

I can't imagine that the organizers has money left to do another event like this. Hell, they are probably in debt right now. Hopefully all the companies will blacklist this organizer in the future...
audiograms 30th-Jan-2018 11:38 pm (UTC)
I am glad I didnt go. The travel and ticket werent worth it and I have loved MX since before debut.
ironicmustache 30th-Jan-2018 11:51 pm (UTC)
i was ?????? at the article on AJ earlier this week. i thought surely it was a joke. nope.
(also that comment on zelo essentially being pimped out to the organizer's daughter for their italy concert. what the fuck. all these "organizers" are shady as hell).

feel bad cause uk fans are always so sad about never getting concerts and then when they do it's a total shitshow.
nekobot 30th-Jan-2018 11:57 pm (UTC)
Zelo Italy what now??
ironicmustache 31st-Jan-2018 12:04 am (UTC)
this is what someone on the AJ article shared:

i hadn't heard any fuss about it, but i dont follow bap so idk if it had made waves and i just missed them or not.
nekobot 31st-Jan-2018 12:11 am (UTC)
WOW. I feel bad for laughing but this is so unbelievably shameless that it's also kind of amazing?? This looks like some sort of discarded Sofia Coppola movie plot! Maybe fans should just start Gofundmes and pool the money together to hire the idols themselves and make a timetable for 500 10 minute dates. As many messes as London has seen I don't think there has been a case of borderline pimping out idols to organizers' daughters just yet.

I don't follow BAP either so thank you for sharing this.
showminomoney 31st-Jan-2018 02:05 am (UTC)
Eek! What a stressful mess! Those organizers deserve to lose money for not doing their jobs properly. I'm glad you and the acts had fun anyway, OP! Thanks for making this post, I love reading about other people's concert experiences.
seulgibear 31st-Jan-2018 03:29 am (UTC)
omona's journalism shall live on!
togu 31st-Jan-2018 06:19 am (UTC)
Ouch that sucks.
I've heard from several people that they were letting people in for free. My friend who paid full price was raging
timetobegin 31st-Jan-2018 06:49 am (UTC)
Glad to hear the concert itself was fun OP. I feel like whenever I read about Kpop concerts outside of Korea shit is just messy as hell and the promoters can't handle the situation to save their lives :P
daceymormont 31st-Jan-2018 12:19 pm (UTC)
What a mess. The acts really didn't deserve this treatment but I'm glad they didn't take it to heart and still put on a show for the fans.
I've seen people on twitter be like "haha they thought monsta x could fill this arena"...... which just made me rme because obviously the overpriced tickets, lack of advertising, short notice and overall incompetence of the organizers were what caused this.

And I'm really mad that they made mx fly this many hours just to be called snobbish and rude, especially when there was a death in wonho's family and changkyun basically spent his birthday on a plane :(
Also I'd be so pissed as a fan who paid for a ticket just to have other people come in for free or at least cheaper tickets. Many of them also came from afar so they had travel costs on top of that too.

Smh these organizers should be ashamed I hope they never get to organize an event again.
purring_feline 31st-Jan-2018 12:54 pm (UTC)
ugh why are kpop concerts in Europe so damn messy.... This is just ridiculous, the fans and the performers didn't deserve this at all. Also wtf @ the organizers releasing MX's hotel info, I hope they get sued
keki7 31st-Jan-2018 10:28 pm (UTC)
Well I'm just glad you got to enjoy Monsta X OP. I don't suppose you have any fancams to share, for Science of course.
seulgibear 31st-Jan-2018 11:13 pm (UTC)
these are all my fancams! i filmed all the perfs except white love https://twitter.com/i/moments/957420919160541184
keki7 2nd-Feb-2018 01:19 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!
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