3:00 pm - 01/30/2018

"Marital Harmony" trailer

Princess Songhwa (Shim Eun-Kyung) refuses her fate of marrying someone who matches her marital harmony. There are 4 men on her future husband list with different fate signs. Refusing her fate, she decides to leave the palace and find her husband by herself. Seo Do-Yoon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a person who interprets marital harmony signs. He is very skilled at his craft and, consequently, selected as the one to read the marital harmony signs between Princess Songhwa and the 4 men on her husband list.

Also stars Kim Sang Kyung, Yeon Woo Jin, Kang Min Hyuk and Choi Woo Shik. It is scheduled for release on February 28.


This movie filmed at the end of 2015 before Seunggi enlisted, so this has been a long time coming.
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